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xl industrial electroplated diamond wire saw for cutting



Concrete cutting

2. The principle of dismantling: from top to bottom, dismantle layer by layer in order, and eliminate three-dimensional crossing operation. The demolition work is carried out in the reverse order of construction.

3. The stability and safety of the structure must be considered during the cutting process. Before the concrete structure is cut, temporary support measures should be taken at the bottom of the beam and slab, and the original structure should be reinforced at key parts. Subsequent concrete cutting work.

4. If the original steel bars are required to be retained in the drawings, the construction personnel should find out their location during the demolition process and take appropriate measures to protect them.

5. When performing cutting operations, it is strictly forbidden for people to gather or stack materials on the floor. Operators should stand on a stable structure or scaffold to work, and there should be a safe place for the wire saw to cut the removed components.

6. When carrying out high-altitude dismantling operations, large-size components or heavy materials must be hoisted down in time with hoisting equipment. The disassembled materials should be cleaned up in time, stacked in designated places, and thrown down is strictly prohibited.



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