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wheel large universal Diamond Saw Blade for granite



Now, with the expansion of the low-carbon concept, the country is paying more and more attention to environmental protection. The mining resources are in short supply, the supply of power resources is tight, the manufacturing costs of stone companies are rising, and the competition is intensifying. Some energy-saving, resource-based, and environmentally-friendly saws The blade base is more and more popular in the market, and some new characteristics have appeared in the customer's demand for the variety of saw blade substrates: 1. Thin and super thin saw blade substrates

Thin and super thin saw blade substrates are mainly distinguished by the thickness of the substrate. For the ф1600mm substrate, the normal thickness is 7.3mm, the thickness below 6.5mm is called the thin substrate, and the thickness below 5.5mm is called ultra-thin.片基体。 Substrate. Using thin and super thin saw blade substrates to cut granite and marble slabs can greatly improve cutting efficiency and block yield, and reduce power consumption. For example, using a 4.0mm ф1600mm ultra-thin substrate with a thickness of 4.0mm can increase the cutting efficiency by more than 10% , Reduce power consumption by more than 20%, and increase the utilization rate of blocks by more than 16%.

Because the thin and super thin diamond saw blade has a thin substrate thickness and large diameter, the deformation is large during heat treatment, so the heat treatment process is very important for the control of flatness and HRC. At the same time, due to the thin thickness, it causes great difficulties in the adjustment of end jumps and stress, including detection. In general, it is difficult to achieve better results only by manual leveling and detection. The four-in-one advanced equipment imported from Germany by the domestic black whirlwind company integrates rolling, stress adjustment, end jump detection and flatness. It is dedicated to the production of ultra-thin circular saw blade substrates, which better solves the product stress distribution. Problems and product flatness, end jump, rigidity and other index problems.

2. Frame saw blade base

Diamond frame saw, also known as diamond saw, is a new type of frame saw machine developed in the 1950s. At present, in the developed countries of stone technology, the diamond frame saw frame has basically replaced the sand saw in the processing of marble. Its advantages are: fast cutting speed, high production efficiency; good processing quality, and the sawed plate is smooth and flat, which can be omitted A rough grinding process; save labor and steel, improve the labor environment, and facilitate management.

At present, diamond frame saws have been popularized and applied in my country's marble sawing, especially in Guangdong, Fujian, Shanghai and other places. It is understood that the total capacity of sawing machines has reached more than 700 sets. A large amount of domestic data proves that some technical and economic indicators of diamond frame saws are partially better than sand saws. With the technological advancement of domestic cutter heads and saw blade substrates, diamond frame saws can partially replace sand saws.

The cutting mechanism of diamond saw blade diamond frame saw is to saw the block by the reciprocating linear movement of the frame, and the cutter head crushes, cuts, rubs, ploughs, crushes, and grinds the block. Due to the short stroke, low linear speed, small water volume, and difficulty in chip removal, high requirements are placed on the saw, cutter head and substrate. Under the current situation, the main body of saw blade for sawing granite frame is still mainly imported. However, the domestic Heixuanfeng company has begun to develop and produce, and has established a high-level specialized production line. The steel selection is in line with international standards, and most of the main indicators are It can meet the standards of advanced countries such as Germany, France, Belgium, etc. The products produced will gradually replace imports and begin to export in batches.



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