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what is stone machine?

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what is stone machine?

Stone machinery is the machinery and tools needed in the process of stone mining, processing and decoration. In addition, there are related auxiliary processes surrounding the stone production process. The machinery, spare parts, tools, auxiliary materials, and instruments used by them constitute all the machinery of the entire stone production process.


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About the type of stone machine

l What are the technical equipment of stone machine?

l What are the configuration settings for stone machine?


About the type of stone machine

① Classified by production process

Stone machine can be divided into stone mining machinery, stone processing machinery, stone decoration machinery, stone maintenance machinery, stone processing tools, stone inspection machinery, etc. There are also some tools and auxiliary tools, such as diamond saw blades, abrasives, abrasives, stone Chemical protection products, various stone monitoring instruments, etc.


② Classified by processing technology

Stone machine includes cutting machines and drilling rigs. Such as cutting machines, cutting machines equipped with diamond segments (or full edges) circular saw blades are used in cutting rough stone slabs, on-site decoration and inspection; another example is drilling machines, sampling, processing, drilling, decoration, and art in mines. Various types of drilling machines are also used when carving stone machines.


③ Classified by tool material

For example, stone machines made with diamonds, cubic boron nitride, etc. as abrasives are collectively called superhard materials tools; synthetic stone equipment made with stone fragments is called synthetic stone production lines.


What are the technical equipment of stone machine?

The development of stone machine is very rapid, with new technologies and new equipment emerging in endlessly. For example, the sand saw for processing granite has been developed to be able to process 7m wide and clamp 4 standard blocks at the same time. It has 230 saw blades and can process 3500m2 in 24 hours; the wire saw and diamond for mining granite Beaded rope technology has matured and started to enter the mines in batches; the special-shaped stone machine is developing in the direction of diversification and multiple models; the promotion and use of stone processing centers with multiple tools provides a means for product innovation


The launch and application of stone machine CAD design software provides colorful forms and patterns for stone decoration. Ultra-thin and super-large stone machines have also been developed to make the specifications and sizes of new products more suitable for decoration requirements; new and convenient stone decoration machinery and tools are more widely used in the decoration scene. Stone cleaning, protection, and bonding machinery have become new application areas of stone chemistry; the artificial synthetic stone production stone machine has achieved domestic production, which has promoted the use of resources and promoted the development of the field of artificial synthetic stone.


What are the configuration settings for stone machine?

We generally divide stone engraving machines into heavy stone machine, medium stone machines, and light stone machine. The configuration of different types of stone machine is very different. In summary, the differences are as follows:

l bed frame. The body of the heavy-duty stone machine adopts a square tube seamless welding machine, with a T-shaped bed, which has a heavy load and strong stability. The bed used in the medium stone machine is similar to the T bed but not as strong as the heavy steel. The bed of the light stone machine is similar to that of the advertising machine, so it is a bit unstable to use.

l Spindle motor. The general use of heavy and medium stone machines will not affect the stability, but if the light stone machine uses a large motor, the machine may shake and become unstable.

l driver. The drives used by high-end engraving stone machines are also relatively large. Generally, Leisai 2278, Jemikang 2260, or Strict Control 2D811 are used, and Leisai 860H can be used for the other two types.

l guide. The guide rails are divided into square rails and circular rails. The square rails are imported from Taiwan HIWIN or Yintai PM. The circular rails are generally made in China. The square rail has high precision, wear resistance and long life.

l transfer method. The transmission mode is divided into rack and screw. The speed of the rack is fast. Generally, large stone machines will use rack transmission because the screw is unstable. Small stone machines often use lead screws, although they are slower but with high accuracy.

l Motor. The motors are divided into stepper motors and Yaskawa servos. The former is domestically produced, and the latter is imported from Japan, which is expensive. Usually, everyone uses stepper motors, which are economical and easy to maintain.