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wet cut large universal Diamond Saw Blade for granite



1. Saw blade idling: Especially when the new substrate is used for the first time, it needs to be idling for about 10-20 minutes. In summer, it needs to be idling with water. The purpose is to further eliminate the influence of the welding blade on the substrate and enhance the saw blade at high speed. Keep the memory of the inner quality in the rotating state.

2. The cut blocks should not be less than 0.5m3, and should be placed securely. The bottom surface should be padded with square wood, and the plugs should be firm and firm. There is shaking and shaking.

3. Adjust the travel switch according to the length, width and height of the block, so that the lifting of the saw blade and the travel of the feed cart are within a reliable and effective range. Before sawing, the edge of the saw blade should be up to 10-20mm away from the block. After sawing, there should be a distance of 20-40mm between the saw blade and the bottom of the block. Before the saw blade moves around, the saw blade should be removed from the block saw blade. The distance should not be less than 150-200mm to prevent the saw blade from hitting the waste. material.

4. Test cutting can be performed only after the saw blade is idling and stable. The saw blade is not allowed to start when the blade edge is in contact with the block.

5. If you find that the blocks are shaking during cutting, you should stop cutting immediately. After the blocks are firmly fixed, you can continue working. During cutting, you are not allowed to move the blocks arbitrarily.

6. When the saw blade is found to slow down significantly or even clamp the knife during cutting, it may be caused by slipping of the belt, loosening of the compression nut, too much depth of the knife, and excessive speed of the knife. It should be adjusted in time.

7. The line speed should be compatible with the hardness and wear resistance of the processed stone. Due to the wide variety of granite, the corresponding hardness will be different. If the stone in a certain order is soft, you must inform your saw blade supplier that you are cutting For different types of stone, let them provide corresponding wear-resistant saw blades. On the contrary, if it is hard granite, sharp cutting blades are required. And if you cut a wide variety of stone, you need a universal saw blade (hint: when the online speed is not high, increasing the cutting efficiency will reduce the life of the saw blade.)

8. The feed speed mainly depends on the performance of the processed material. There is a certain range of feed speeds for each material when the cutting depth is constant. If the speed is too high, the diamond will wear out or even fall off, resulting in the consumption of the saw blade. If it is too fast, if the speed is too low, the self-sharpening process of the saw blade will not be carried out normally, and the cutting ability will be lost due to "blunting and slipping". Under normal circumstances, the feed speed should be slow when cutting in, and should be even when sawing.


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