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small cnc electroplated diamond wire saw for cutting



According to different needs and uses, the wire saws on the market can be divided into 7 categories, namely: concrete cutting wire saws, granite and mining mining wire saws, granite block shaping wire saws, granite special-shaped processing wire saws, and marble mining mining ropes. Saw, marble block shaping wire saw, marble special-shaped processing wire saw. According to the production material, it can be divided into rubber wire saw, plastic wire saw, spring wire saw, and spring plus rubber wire saw (for concrete cutting). The specifications of the wire saw are mainly controlled by stringing beads. The specifications can range from Φ7.2~Φ11.5, but the formulas of different stones are different. The formula for making beading should be customized according to the actual situation of the stone to maximize its effectiveness. efficiency.

Application scope: mining, block shaping, slab cutting, bridge cutting, beam cutting, underwater cutting, etc.

The existing diamond wire saws on the market will have certain unusual differences in the specific use range, and the models and functions of these differences have certain differences.

Some diamond wire rope saws do not completely refer to the mechanical design of the human body to carry out a certain operation design. The length and width of the integral wire rope saw itself are not the most suitable specific conditions for use. Careless use will not only redouble your efforts, but also damage yourself due to improper operation.

Due to the limitation of wire speed and cutting speed, some diamond wire rope saws cannot improve the overall cutting efficiency and require a certain cutting time. This delayed the entire rescue process and hindered the smooth and rapid rescue of survivors.

Some diamond wire rope saws are not designed for materials that are easy to fix, such as rubber, and the overall fixation method is not good. It is easy to cause position deviation due to improper fixation during operation. Even if they cannot be fixed, it is difficult to proceed to the next step.


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