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cnc processing Stone Machinery

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  • Stone processing is developing towards environmental protection and energy saving


    Stone is a non-renewable resource. How to effectively use this resource for the benefit of mankind is the biggest concern of the stone industry. In the field of stone materials, how to make full use of stone resources, reduce resource waste as much as possible, and reduce the pollution of waste resi Read More

  • Overview of processing equipment


    Stone processing equipment and processing technology are the foundation and core of stone processing. It can be seen from the history of stone processing development that with the development of processing equipment and technological progress in technology, the quality of stone products and the leve Read More

  • Development of processing equipment to processing center


    The machining center can complete cutting, forming, drilling, grinding, polishing, lettering, boring, engraving, and turning.Numerical control processing equipment can be divided into numerical control milling machine, numerical control lathe, numerical control engraving machine and numerical contro Read More

  • Advantages and competitive advantages of Wanlong Machinery


    Trimming1. Gantry trimming machine (LXM3850, LXM4850) This model is mainly used for trimming and shaping stone blocks.Features (or selling points) of the machine:1. The machine adopts PLC programmable controller and man-machine interface control, and the main electrical components are all internati Read More