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mini cnc electroplated diamond wire saw for cutting



Wire saw cutting is often seen in current construction projects. Nowadays, many of them are made of concrete and other sturdy dismantling materials that are not easy to be removed by hand. Therefore, if you want to cut them, you cannot do without a cutting machine. There are many objects that the wire saw can cut. It can cut objects of various shapes. Many people will ask whether it is possible to cut round objects, such as circular cylinders. Shengmao tells you that it is possible. It can cut many kinds of objects. Shaped objects. It is very convenient in use.

As for the depth that the wire saw cutting machine can cut depends on the length of the slice, a cutting machine can change to a variety of specifications of slices. Use suitable slices for cutting different shapes of objects. When cutting round objects, first To measure the diameter, install a slice with a suitable length. As long as the length of the slice is selected appropriately, all round objects can be cut.

Wanlong’s wire saw cutting will be equipped with various specifications of slices for cutting objects of various shapes in different places. We will provide professional cutting technical guidance and life-long after-sales service. We are a research and development company. , Production, sales and integration of the company, can provide a variety of professional cutting know, there are professional masters to teach.A绳锯描述_02

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