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large portable electroplated diamond wire saw for cutting



Run without load first, check the direction of the saw blade's rotation, whether the lifting is flexible, whether the operation is abnormal, and everything is normal before operation. The cutting thickness should not exceed the factory regulations of the machine. Prevent jamming of saw blades, wire saws, etc. In the concrete cutting operation, when there is abnormal sound, the machine should be shut down for inspection immediately, and the operation can be continued after the fault is eliminated. The size of the cut concrete block should be strictly calculated. After the operation, the machine body should be cleaned, the saw blade wire saw should be wiped dry, the residual water in the water tank should be drained, the cable should be recovered, and stored in a dry and ventilated place. Concrete cutting and cutting technology Overview and application of reinforced concrete cutting technology. With the acceleration of urbanization, the concrete cutting technology changes with each passing day.

In large cities, the ground can no longer meet traffic requirements. Urban traffic extends upwards to elevated and light rails, and bridge cutting technology extends downwards to subways. Some elevated highways now appear to have become factors restricting urban development. To rebuild these elevated structures, it is inevitable to dismantle part of them, and at the same time to ensure that part of them is unaffected and can be reused. This has become a problem before us. When the traditional demolition construction is unable to do this, the advanced reinforced concrete cutting method has the characteristics of safety, high efficiency and environmental protection. Concrete cutting refers to the use of hydraulic wall saws to cut and separate buildings, cement, floors, and walls to achieve the cutting effect.



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