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large manual electroplated diamond wire saw for cutting



It is a hydraulic drive power unit cutting equipment, which can realize various cutting of thicker concrete. It is the most suitable cutting construction equipment for cutting, dismantling and repairing basements, chimneys, pillars, etc. Wire saws (wire saws) can handle densely packed reinforced concrete structures, thick brick walls, and even underwater cutting operations. Wire saws (wire saws) can meet cutting depths that hydraulic wall saws cannot. The cutting depth is not limited, the working environment is more adaptable, and the working efficiency is higher. It is the back-up equipment of the hydraulic wall saw.

Due to the emergence of hydraulic diamond wire saws (hydraulic diamond wire saws), it has ensured the safety of the building parts during the protective demolition and reconstruction of buildings, and is widely used in the construction projects of demolition companies and demolition companies. Hydraulic wire saw is an advanced engineering tool used in construction engineering renovation and reinforcement construction. As a special cutting tool, it is suitable for cutting hard materials such as reinforced concrete, rock, ceramics, and brick walls. It is widely used for opening doors and openings on walls. Cutting of windows, opening vents, reinforced concrete beams and columns, cutting of floor slabs and bridges, and stone processing, etc. Using it can make the technical demolition of densely packed reinforced concrete and stone easier, safer and more effective.

The hydraulic wire saw has the following remarkable features: reduced labor intensity, safe and reliable operation, overload protection, strong power, and improved cutting ability and labor productivity. It is the advanced equipment used in demolition, demolition and demolition construction projects. Because its linear cutting can make the construction section more neat; also because it can double the speed of work to shorten the construction period, further reduce labor costs, improve the bidding advantage, and expand the scale of acceptable construction projects; the safety of the hydraulic system itself, Reliability and stability greatly reduce the loss and cost of construction equipment; in addition, static cutting similar to wall saw cutting has gradually become a construction and design concept, because it can preserve the stability and safety of the existing structure to the greatest extent It is the leading advanced cutting construction equipment widely used in the reconstruction and construction of the reinforcement company, instead of the traditional way of construction by punching or drilling holes .


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