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large industrial electroplated diamond wire saw for cutting



  1. There are several aspects to consider. First: consider the after-sales strength of the manufacturer, which is related to the after-sales problem of the machine. The wire saw is a high-load mining machine that runs for at least more than 18 hours a day, and some even 24 Hours of non-stop operation. Long-term high-load operation of the machine will inevitably cause malfunctions and loss of machine parts. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a wire saw manufacturer with strong after-sales capabilities. Second: Choose to buy a wire saw machine mainly based on the following points: From the appearance, first look at the thickness of the machine plate, whether the power head of the machine may sag, and whether the machine head can rotate at any angle; from the internal mechanism, you need to look at it. Whether the machine uses a permanent magnet synchronous motor, the difference between a permanent magnet synchronous motor and an ordinary motor is that under the premise of the same motor power, the performance of the permanent magnet synchronous motor is 50% higher than the output efficiency of the ordinary motor, and energy saving is 20-30%. The failure rate is lower and the volume is smaller. Looking at the total number of control cables of the machine, the more control cables, the more difficult it is to repair in case of failure. Secondly, look at whether the machine is equipped with an automatic hydraulic station. The function of the automatic hydraulic station is to automatically hydraulic pressure the machine lubricating oil to various positions of the machine to realize the automatic maintenance function of the machine. Third: Lastly, look at the selling price of the machine. The selling price of the machine is not as low as possible. There is a saying that you get what you pay for. When buying a machine, you can’t blindly pursue a low price. Buyers need to look at the price/performance ratio. That is to integrate the previous points to measure the price of the machine.

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