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lapidary large universal Diamond Saw Blade for granite



Improve diamond holding power and increase the cutting efficiency and life of diamond saw blades. There are generally three ways to improve diamond holding power:

(1) Improve mechanical holding power. This is because the metal powder shrinks during sintering, forming a compressive stress to hold the diamond. Compressive stress is caused by the difference in thermal expansion coefficient of diamond and matrix metal, and the volume change caused by crystal formation and growth during sintering. Due to the limited yield strength of the carcass, the resulting compressive stress and mechanical holding force are limited.

(2) A small amount of strong carbide-forming elements such as Cr, W, Mo, etc. are added to the powder. Due to its good wettability and affinity for diamond, carbides are formed on the interface between diamond and matrix metal during sintering to achieve the The sub-prime combination is conducive to strengthening and improving the control.

(3) A layer of strong carbide is plated on the diamond surface to form metal elements such as Cr, Ni, Ti, W and so on. This is a more technological measure that has been adopted in recent years. For this reason, Yanshan University has specially developed and produced three types of vacuum micro-evaporation titanium plating equipment. ?

According to the experimental research and use at home and abroad, the most effective use conditions and scope of diamond plating technology are:

①Applicable to high-grade diamonds, the effect is more obvious;

②The order of increasing the holding force in the pure diamond matrix is: Cr-plated>Ti-plated>unplated diamond.

③MBS-960Cr2 chrome-plated diamond is suitable for Co-based matrix, low-iron and low-bronze matrix and WC matrix.

④MBS-960Ti2 titanium-plated diamond is suitable for drilling bronze matrix and iron matrix.

⑤Tungsten-plated diamond is used in cutting asphalt, curing concrete (GreenConcrete) and strengthening (reinforced) concrete saw blades.

⑥Nickel-plated diamond is suitable for resin bond grinding wheels, and the order of its use effect is: needle-shaped nickel-plated diamond>nickel-plated diamond>unnickel-plated diamond.

⑦Silver-plated diamond is suitable for grinding precision resin bond grinding wheels for tungsten carbide hard alloy tools. Because the price of silver is not very expensive, it is suitable for high-precision grinding, its thermal conductivity is good, and it is suitable for oil-cooled grinding of cemented carbide. At the same time, silver is a good lubricant, which can reduce the friction between the grinding wheel and the workpiece, and it does not generate much heat.

One of the key factors to improve the cutting efficiency and life of diamond saw blades is to improve the gripping force of the matrix on the diamond. The carcass has a good holding force on the diamond, the diamond will not fall off prematurely, and has the largest protrusion height, which is sharp during cutting and high efficiency.


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