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  • Can I chamfer edges with this machine?

  • What is the actual production?

    20mm thickness slabs, cut to 600x600mm, can cut 150-180sqm/day.
  • Can I do 45 degree tilting with this machine?

  • What is the diameter of your bore size?

  • Is this machine available for thin slabs like 4 or 6mm?


  • 12 heads and 16 heads, which one do you think is better?

    With more heads, efficiency and slab glossiness both improved.
  • The grinding polishing heads that are used for the granite, can the heads be removed and replaced with fickerts heads so I can use the machine to polish marble.

    Fickert head is not suitable for this machine. You can put our frankurt head to polish marble.
  • Is it possible to polish 300-1250mm wide slabs?

    Yes, should equip a position limit device for thin slabs
  • How many people required to operate one auto polishing machine?

    2 people, one for slab loading, one unloading.
  • Is the price including loading table and unloading table, dryer?

    Loading & unloading trolley, 2 conveying trolley, compressor, air tank, dryer, blower.
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