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dry diamond cutting stone polishing tools for granite



1. How to measure the effect of stone polishing?

Visual observation: When the stone is cured, it is recommended to use visual observation to check the overall effect. When observing, look at it from three angles.

(1) Vertical angle: the clarity of the stone can be tested.

Inspection method: Turn on the lights on the roof and observe the outline of the lights formed on the stone. Where there is no light, turn on the flashlight function in the phone; or brighten the screen and place it 20~30cm away from the stone surface for observation.

The clearer the outline, it means that the light does not disperse, the polished surface is crystal clear, and the clarity is high.

On the contrary, after some projects are completed, although the test gloss is not low, it always looks like a circle of halo, and no clear outline of the light can be seen. It proves that the degree of polishing is not fine enough, just the surface is smoothed, but the gloss is not clear.



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