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cnc diamond hand stone polishing tools for granite



At present, stone crystal surface treatment is one of the most ideal curing methods for marble. It does not change the structure of the stone, so it does not change the texture of the rough stone. After the crystal face treatment, the stone face molecules are denser, the gloss and brightness are obviously improved, and the stone face is brighter and more noble. Stone waxing can make the stone brighter. Stone wax is a water-soluble material. Using it will produce a protective film on the product. This way, the brightness of the stone can be improved, but its protective effect on the stone is Limited, poor weather resistance, unsatisfactory anti-fouling effect, and easy to attach dust. Nowadays, people have also found that waxing will cause some harm to the stone, because it is used as a kind of air-tight cover and protection material to be applied to the surface of the stone. After the pores of the stone are closed, the moisture inside and behind cannot escape and accumulate. A long time inside the stone causes the stone to develop disease. Marble grinding block polishing is the previous process of stone care crystal surface treatment or the last process of stone smooth board processing. It is one of the most important processes for stone care nowadays. It is different from the traditional marble cleaning, waxing and polishing in the business scope of cleaning companies.

One, the essential difference

1. Marble grinding block polishing is a prelude to stone crystal surface treatment or a necessary process in stone processing. The main principle is the physical and chemical combination of the pressure, high-speed grinding force, frictional heat of the mechanical grinding disc, and the effect of water on the relatively smooth marble surface by using a pressed grinding block synthesized from inorganic acids, metal oxides and other substances. , Thereby forming a new bright crystal layer. This crystal layer has super bright and clear luminosity. The luminosity can reach 90-100 degrees. This crystal

The layer is a modified compound crystal layer of the stone surface (1-2mm thick).

2. Marble cleaning is a prelude to marble waxing and polishing. Marble cleaning, waxing and polishing is a more popular marble cleaning and maintenance protection measure in the 1980s and early 1990s. Now it has lost its market and existence significance. Its essence is a thin coating of acrylic resin and emulsion polymer covered on the newly laid stone (polished board) surface, which is what we often call water wax or floor wax. Then go through a high-speed, low-pressure polishing machine with the fiber mat to rub on the stone surface to make

A process in which the resin coating is brighter. Due to product renewal, special polished waxes and non-polishing waxes appeared later. This coating is similar to the oily varnish on wooden floors.

3. The polishing process of the abrasive block before the marble care crystal surface treatment is the physical and chemical process of the surface layer of the stone and the chemical substance. The stone surface layer and the bottom layer are completely integrated into a whole, and there is no detachment layer.

4. The wax layer on the marble waxing and polishing is attached to the surface of the stone. A resin film does not have a chemical reaction with the stone itself. This wax film layer can be gently shoveled with a blade to remove the wax film from the stone surface.


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