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cnc diamond grinding stone polishing tools for granite



Second, the difference in appearance

1. Marble grinding block polishing is the prelude of crystal surface care stone care. After care and polishing, it has high luminosity, high clarity, wear resistance, stepping resistance, and not easy to scratch. It is the true embodiment and value extension of the use of stone.

2. The luminosity of the stone after waxing and polishing is low, the luminosity is not clear, and it is very fuzzy, not wear-resistant, water-resistant, easy to scratch, oxidized and yellowed, which reduces the essential image of the stone.

Third, the difference between extension and operation

1. After polishing the crystal layer and crystal layer of the stone grinding block, the pores are not completely closed after the crystal layer is polished. At the same time, it has a certain waterproof and antifouling effect.

2. After the marble is waxed and polished, the pores of the stone are completely closed, and the stone cannot be ventilated inside and outside, so the stone is prone to disease.

3. The crystal layer and the continuous care of the crystal layer after the stone grinding block are polished are easy to operate. No cleaning agent is needed to clean the ground. The grinding block can be directly polished with water and chemical dry grinding. It can be polished and treated at any time, and can be operated locally. There is no new contrast in the color of the stone surface.

4. After the marble is waxed and polished, after a period of time, the old wax layer needs to be removed, and the waxing water needs to be used. Large-area operation and construction are required at the same time, partial construction is not allowed, and there will be color difference on the surface after partial construction.

Four, practical significance

1. After the marble is polished by a polishing block, the luminosity can reach 90-100 degrees, which restores the luminosity of the stone when it leaves the factory and realizes the reproduction of the value of the stone. When crystal face treatment and care, it can save time, effort, cost, and wear resistance.

After the marble is waxed and polished, its surface luminosity decreases and is blurred and unclear, which reduces the functional value of the stone and is not ornamental.

2. The difference between the above essence and appearance can be found: marble waxing and polishing must be eliminated and faded out of the market. Because the process principles and methods of marble polishing and crystal surface treatment are more advanced, which can make marble more ornamental and extend its service life, marble polishing and crystal surface treatment will sing all the way, and there will be a new round of climax and competition.



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