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cnc diamond cnc stone polishing tools for granite




Stone renovation is the most cost-effective, there is a knack for polishing and polishing

After many years of use and its natural weathering, coupled with improper care of man-made, it is easy to cause its natural color and brightness to disappear, which is unbearable; the cost of re-decoration is too high and the time is too long. The marble renovation process uses chemical and physical effects in a very short time. On the original basis, it is restored to its original brightness through machine grinding and polishing. The color is natural and the brightness is 100%. It is economical and time-saving. The service life is more than five years.

process flow

Using tools: stone refurbishment machine, terrazzo machine, floor scrubber, marble polishing machine, vacuum cleaner, 6 sets of diamond discs, red pad, white pad, special scouring pad

Use agent: stone abrasive KP92, stone brightening agent, stone protective agent

According to the degree of damage to the marble, use a refurbishment machine with different diamond discs to polish, and you must follow the stone line texture until the stone surface is smooth and uniform in color; polish with an abrasive and a mat until it penetrates and is dry; use a brightener Use the mat to polish until it is dry, and finally spray a protective agent to polish until the brightness is restored. The surface of the refurbished stone can have a maximum brightness of 120 degrees or more depending on its own material.

The main mineral components of marble are various calcite, dolomite or serpentine. The abrasion resistance and luminosity of marble are relatively lower than that of granite. Therefore, the possibility of renovation is great, the difficulty of renovation is small, and the cost is relatively low. The key to refurbishment is to improve flatness, brightness, hardness and anti-seepage treatment. Machines, abrasives, and operations must be organically combined, and light, moderate, and deep renovations will be used according to the degree of damage to the stone surface.


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