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circular large universal Diamond Saw Blade for granite



3. Super large saw blade base with a diameter of 2600mm or more

At present, there is still a backward method of drilling stone and blasting in China to mine stone blocks. Not only is the production efficiency low, but the operation is unsafe, especially because the rock mass is broken due to blasting, which seriously damages the stone resources. The size of the produced blocks is Irregular, even scrapped due to cracks, the yield rate is very low. It is estimated that only 5% to 25% of the mining volume can be processed into timber by the method of drilling and blasting. Some developed countries in the stone industry have explicitly banned the use of explosive blasting methods to mine stone. The international industry believes that China’s stone mines have low productivity and serious waste of resources. The main reason is the lack of corresponding diamond saw blade substrates and the large amount of industrialization of related mechanized equipment. , The mining technology is backward, and the production management is poor.

In recent years, China has taken the lead in researching and developing the super-large mining saw blade substrate. Some mining companies use super-large slabs with specifications above ф2600mm to mine mines, and the utilization rate of mine resources reaches 90%. According to investigations, the current domestic use of super-large saw blade substrates for the mining of stone blocks has attracted more and more attention and promotion, and the number of mining saws has rapidly increased to about 800.

In addition, the market's demand for stone slabs is increasing. In the past, frame saw blades were mainly used to process stone slabs. However, diamond frame saw blades are mainly suitable for cutting soft stones such as marble. The cutting of granite and craft stone is still needed. Circular saw blade to complete. In order to meet the requirements of domestic and foreign markets, stone processing enterprises use super-large circular saw blades to cut large slabs, and there will be a peak in recent years.

4. Hollow saw blade base

hollowed-out saw blade base body is compared with the conventional saw blade base body, only a few rows of holes are processed on the base body, and the shape of the holes is mainly water drop type. Judging from the current use of фl600mm hollow circular saw blades, the sawing process does not change any stone with a Mohs hardness below 7 degrees. Compared with the conventional blade substrate, the hollow saw blade base has the following advantages. : (1) It is easy to enter water, and the cooling effect is obviously improved; (2) The chip removal rate is increased; (3) The weight of the base body and the operating load of the sawing machine are reduced, and the current is reduced by 5A year-on-year; (4) The operating noise is reduced (5) Due to the reduction in the weight of the base, it is possible to load more diamond saw blades on the small combination saw; (6) It can extend the service life of the base, increase the number of square meters cut, and reduce the welding deformation; (7) Use intermittently and tension The recovery performance is good. A large amount of usage data shows that the use of hollow saw blade substrate to process stone can not only greatly reduce the power consumption per square meter, but also increase the utilization rate of stone block resources and increase the labor productivity of stone processing. At present, hollowed-out saw blade substrates are not only widely used in the field of stone processing, but also in the field of stone mining, super-large hollowed-out saw blade substrates above ф2600mm have been increasingly popularized and used.

With the development of the stone industry carpet, the development of stone saw blades will also continue to advance in the footsteps of energy saving.


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