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Diamond tools for stone processing


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The elevation of blade is driven by crossbeam to increase the cutting flatness and processing scope. Sliding speed of blade on the crossbeam is adjustable.
This machine is for cutting slab. Equipped with guide rail of oil-impregnation sealed type and main shaft of oil lubrication type. The compact structure makes easier cutting. Function of chamfering slab is optional.
This machine uses round column as its guide slip surface for steady automatic ups and downs. Two optional main drive motors (single speed and dual speeds) are upon the clients choice. It is applicable to surface grinding and polishing of tombstones, slabs and mosaic which needs to change the thickness frequently. The workable for grinding interior/exterior arcs is available upon customer s request.
This machine combines advantages of several types of stone cutting machines. Single column supporting structure, and two-stage variable speed gear for head-stock to make cutting more smoothly. Its main advantages are cutting automatically according to pre-set cutting depth and slicing thickness, low energy consumption, high cutting efficiency, easy operation and maintenance.
This machine has an independent guide rail on each of the four columns. The flywheel elevates and lowers along these guide rails. The flywheel works stably, which improves the service life of the diamond wire saw. Flywheel tension has a stable, constant stretch mode to enhance cutting accuracy. CNC system makes the man-machine interface easy and flexible. Diverse, complex,2-dimensional surfaces can be processed. Guide wheel uses a four-layer sealed protection system to greatly improve cutting accuracy. The linear cutting speed can be adjusted according to different cutting requirements. The protective cover is waterproof and highly durable.