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What you need to know about stone machine

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What you need to know about stone machine

Stone machine is the machinery and tools needed in the process of stone mining, processing and decoration. In addition, there are related auxiliary processes surrounding the stone production process. The stone machine, spare parts, tools, auxiliary materials, and instruments they use constitute all the machinery for the entire stone production process.


Here is the content list:

l What is the development status of stone machine?

l What are the future trends of stone machine?

l What are the requirements for stone machine assembly?


What is the development status of stone machine?

Stone processing has a long history. Since human activities have existed on the earth, there has been stone processing, so that archaeologists divide the age of ancient human life into Paleolithic and Neolithic.


With the development of stone machine and processing tools, diamond frame sawing machines appeared to be used for rough board processing of marble blocks. Stone processing equipment is constantly improved and updated with the development of science and technology, from simple electrical control to PLC control and stone machine numerical control.


In the middle of the 20th century, stone machine production and processing equipment developed rapidly in Germany, France, Spain and other European countries, which promoted the technological progress of stone machine. Since 1980, China's stone machinery manufacturing industry has continuously introduced and learned advanced national technology, and has initially formed a complete stone machine manufacturing system. The gap between manufacturing technology and the international advanced level is rapidly shortening, and China is gradually becoming a strong country in stone machine manufacturing.


What are the future trends of stone machine?

Stone machine will develop in the direction of diversification, high efficiency, precision, automation and assembly line.

l Stone machine develops towards diamond wire saws, large mast cranes, multi-head drilling rigs, etc. to adapt to the improvement of modern stone block production efficiency;

l Stone machine develops towards continuous production line;

l Large-scale sand saws, frame saws, multi-knife cutting machines, continuous grinding machines and surface treatment equipment, special-shaped processing machines, engraving machines, machining centers, etc. will all be favored by users;

l The decoration of stone machine shows a trend toward miniaturization, portability and diversification;

l Stone machine maintenance is developing towards miniaturization, specialization, high efficiency, and portability;

l Stone machine testing and equipment are developing in the direction of more specialization, standardization, generalization, miniaturization and intelligence;

l The decoration design of stone machine develops towards computer, database and network;

l The combination of its corresponding equipment, instruments and use technology will also be an important development part of the future stone software science.


What are the requirements for stone machine assembly?

To ensure the quality of the assembly of the stone machine, it must be operated in accordance with the required assembly technical requirements for various stone machine products. Although the technical requirements for assembly of different stone machinery products are not the same, there are many key points in the assembly process that must be jointly abided by the contract.


① Do the cleaning and cleaning of stone machine parts. The cleaning work includes the removal of residual casting sand, rust, chips, etc. Especially some important parts, such as the gantry cutting machine, the inner cavity should be painted with anti-rust paint.

② Before mating or connecting the mating surface, lubricant is generally required. Especially the bearing part in the spindle box component, the screw nut part of the lifting mechanism.

③ The matching dimensions of the matching parts of the stone machine should be accurate, and the matching dimensions should be rechecked or spot checked during assembly. For example: the matching part of the main shaft journal and the bearing, the matching hole of the main shaft box and the bearing and the center distance.

④ The assembly of the stone machine wheel requires that the axis of the two toothed wheels must be in the same plane and parallel to each other. Normal toothing clearance should be ensured, and the axial misalignment should be ≤2MM.

⑤ The joint surface of the stone machine connection should be checked for smoothness and deformation. Otherwise, it should be trimmed and burrs removed to ensure that the joint surface is in close contact, smooth and not skewed.

⑥ The stone machine seals should be pressed into the sealing groove in parallel, and they should not be twisted or deformed, and the sealing surface should be damaged or scratched.

⑦ The assembly requirement of the stone machine pulley is that the axes of the two pulleys must be parallel, and the center of the groove should be positive. Excessive deviation will make the tension of the pulley uneven, causing the belt to slip off and accelerate wear.

⑧ The stone machine bearing should be cleaned before assembling, and the anti-rust paint should be washed off before assembling. When cleaning, check whether the raceways and rolling elements are corroded and whether the rotation is flexible; when assembling the bearing, apply a layer of lubricant on the surface of the mating part. If the pressure difference is too large, stop the stone machine assembly for inspection

⑨ The screw connection of the stone machine should adopt the anti-loosening device. According to the actual situation and design requirements, the following commonly used anti-loosing devices should be selected; double nut anti-loosing; spring washer anti-loosing; split pin anti-loosing; stop washer anti-loosing round nut and flower cushion anti-loosing ; The tightening method of symmetrical multiple bolts should be tightened gradually in a symmetrical sequence, and the strip connectors should be tightened symmetrically from the middle to two directions.

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