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What type of stone can the stone machine cut?

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What type of stone can the stone machine cut?

Stone machine, also called stone cutting machine, is a multi-knife multi-stage stone machine composed of cutting knife set, stone conveying table, positioning guide plate and frame.


Here is the content list:

l The type of stone that the stone machine can cut.

l Introduction to the technology of cutting different stones by stone machine.

l How to choose the right stone cutting machine?


The type of stone that the stone machine can cut.

The stone machine is composed of a cutting knife set, a stone conveying table, a positioning guide and a frame. The stone cutting machine is made of iron, suitable for dry cutting and wet cutting of various stones, building materials, ceramic tiles, granite, marble, cement slabs, red bricks, refractory bricks Etc., is a necessary tool for home decoration.


The stone machine can cut stones at different depths, and can process stones less than 1m3, which can turn waste into treasure, greatly save stone resources, and also help protect the environment. Various types of stone can be mechanically cut The processing and processing efficiency are high, and the effective use of small stones makes the production cost lower.


Introduction to the technology of cutting different stones by stone machine.

In my country, the industrial added value of light stone cutting machines accounts for about 35% of GDP, and more than one-third of the GDP is created by light stone machines. The Institute of Mechanical Science has proposed an advanced light stone cutting machine technology system diagram composed of multi-level technology groups.


The first level is high-quality, high-efficiency, low-consumption, clean basic light stone cutting machine technology, which is the core of advanced light stone machine technology. It is widely used in basic processes such as casting, forging, welding, heat treatment, surface protection, and machining.


The second level is the new light-weight stone cutting machine unit technology. Driven by market demand and emerging industries, this is a brand-new light stone cutting machine technology formed by combining light stone cutting machine technology with high-tech technologies such as electronics, information, new materials, new energy, environmental science, systems engineering, and modern management. Such as CNC technology, cleaner production technology, robotics and so on.


The third level is the integration of advanced lightweight stone cutting machine technology. This is formed by the application of information technology and system management technology through the integration of the above two levels of technology through the network and database. Such as FMS, CIMS, IMS and virtual technology.


In the article "Advanced Lightweight Stone Cutting Machine Technology and Its Manufacturing Trends", eight manufacturing trends and characteristics of advanced light stone cutting machine technology are pointed out:

① Number-is the core of light stone machine manufacturing;

② Precision-is the key to stone machine manufacturing;

③ Extremely-is the focus of light stone machine manufacturing;

④ Self-is the condition of stone machine manufacturing;

⑤ Set-is the method of stone machine manufacturing;

⑥ Net-a road made by light stone machine;

⑦ Wisdom-is the prospect of stone machine manufacturing;

⑧ Green-is the necessity of light stone machine manufacturing.


It also points out that the eight aspects of number, precision, extreme, self, collection, net, wisdom, and green penetrate each other, depend on each other, and promote each other to form a whole; it must be rooted in the research and manufacture of "machines" and "light stone machines" "Its own theory and mechanism; eight aspects of technology should be researched, developed, and manufactured based on this theory and mechanism, and should complement this foundation, and ultimately serve the manufacture of light stone machines.


How to choose the right stone cutting machine?

Stone cutting machine is a machine often used in modern building stone processing. The quality of stone processing depends in part on the quality of the stone cutting machine. So what kind of stone cutting machine is good? How to choose the right stone cutting machine? Here are some tips that will help you.


l 1. Consider what type of finished product you need.

With the continuous development of technology, there are a variety of stone cutting machines to choose from. First, determine what kind of finished product you want: block cutting, tile cutting, trimming cutting, profiling or a CNC-enabled machine?


l 2. Choose a large company with good reputation.

When choosing stone machine, it is recommended that you choose a large company with a good reputation, because the large company has a strong technical team, strict quality control and timely after-sales service. For example, Bandung Group (stone diamond tools and stone machinery) has been a manufacturer and exporter of stone diamond tools and stone machinery in China since 1993. An experienced technical team, professional service, and stable stone machine quality will bring many benefits to your production.


l 3. Machine material

It is best to choose aluminum alloy or stainless steel for the shell of stone machine, which is not easy to corrode and rust. Compared with the power cord, please choose a wire that is not easy to break (breaking will cause electric shock!). The high-quality power cord will be covered by PU or rubber or sturdy plastic and can withstand minus 40 degrees Celsius without breaking. The low-cost PVC-covered power cord is easy to break and cannot be straightened in severe cold weather.


l 4. Operational stability

When the operator of the stone machine operates the machine, it should be stable, without jumping, with little resistance and easy operation. For example, the QSQ-2200 / 2500/3000 Wanlong multi-blade block cutting machine adopts double hydraulic lifting for up and down lifting, and the guidance adopts high-precision chrome-plated guide posts + wear-resistant guide sleeves: small gaps and strong wear resistance. The guide sleeve is designed with multi-layer sealing, waterproof, dustproof and no oil leakage. The stone machine maintains the stability of the machine and greatly increases its service life. Stone machine adopts microcomputer control system and human-computer interaction interface. All cutting information can be checked through the touch screen, which is very easy for the operator.


l 5.Stone machine motor performance

What is a good motor? There is no difference in the appearance and size of the motor. Many people think that a motor is a good-looking motor. This is a wrong understanding. The motor is mainly composed of copper wire, silicon steel plate and other accessories, and also requires good craftsmanship. How to confirm it is good?

① Method 1 noise (no abnormal noise, no noise), light noise, smooth. The vibration is small. The temperature rise (degrees) is low, ≤50 degrees Celsius. The torque is large.

② Method 2: Use professional equipment for testing.


l 6. Transmission performance

Noise (no abnormal noise, no noise), stable noise. Small noise is not necessarily good, but big noise is definitely not a good product. We must choose a manufacturer with reliable technology.


l 7. After-sales service

① Do you provide international stone machine installation services?

② Is the repair service response of the stone machine manufacturer fast enough?

③ Do you provide stone machine accessories in time?

④ Is the stone machine guaranteed?


These are all factors to be considered by the stone machine, and Bandung Group provides one-time services for the stone factory. Contact us immediately to get help and advice on how to find the right stone machine for your respected company!