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What is the use of diamond segment?

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What is the use of diamond segment?

The diamond segment is a functional part of a metal-bonded diamond tool. The metal-bonded diamond tool can be a metal-bonded diamond saw blade, a diamond grinding cup wheel, a diamond core bit, a diamond helper blade, etc. The metal-bonded diamond tool plays a role in cutting or grinding the diamond segment.


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Introduction to the structure of the diamond segment.

What are the application areas of diamond segment?

Introduction to the main uses of diamonds.


Introduction to the structure of the diamond segment.

Usually, the diamond segment has a working layer and a transition layer. The working layer contains diamond particles for cutting or grinding, while the transition layer does not have diamonds. The diamond segment consists only of bonding material and is used to connect the working layer to the main body of the diamond tool. The transition layer is necessary for laser welding of diamond segments on diamond tools.


The diamond segment used for cutting stone used on large diamond circular saw blades or diamond gang saws can be layered and have some non-working layers that separate the working layers. The working layer contains common materials of diamond segments, including diamond and metal bonding materials, while the non-working layer is usually made of metal powder. This design can increase the clarity of the diamond segment and reduce its production cost.


What are the application areas of diamond segment?

According to its use, diamond segment can be roughly divided into two categories: gem-grade (decoration) diamond and industrial-grade diamond. Gem grade diamonds are mainly used for jewelry such as diamond rings, necklaces, earrings, corsages and special items such as crowns and scepters, as well as the collection of rough stones. According to statistics, diamond transactions account for about 80% of the total annual jewelry trade in the world.


Industrial-grade diamond segment is becoming more and more widely used. Currently, it is mainly used as turning tools, saw blades, wire drawing dies, reamers, glass cutters, and drilling (inlaid on drill bits). Diamond powder is used as high-grade abrasive materials. In addition, it can also be used in military industry and space technology. With the rapid development of science and technology and modern industry, the use of diamond segment will become wider and wider, and the amount will be more and more. Natural diamond segment resources are very scarce. Strengthening the production and scientific research of synthetic diamond will be the world's best One of the goals of the struggle.


Introduction to the main uses of diamonds.

Geological drills and petroleum drills, diamond segments for wire drawing dies, diamond segments for abrasives, diamond segments for dressers, diamond segments for glass cutters, diamond segments for durometer indenters, diamond segments for handicrafts. During the Renaissance, chronic poisons made of diamond powder were once popular among Italian giants. When a person consumes diamond powder, the diamond powder will stick to the stomach wall. During long-term friction, people will get gastric ulcers. If they are not treated in time, they will die of stomach bleeding. It is a chronic poison that is difficult to be watched out for.


Due to its high refractive index, diamonds appear shining in the light, making them a favorite gemstone for women. Giant diamonds can be invaluable. The price of diamonds mixed with dark colors is higher. At present, the most expensive colored diamonds are water blue diamonds with a bluish color.

① Diamond segment is used for making resin bond abrasives or grinding.

② Diamond segment manufactures metal bond abrasive tools, ceramic bond abrasive tools or grinding tools.

③ Manufacturing general stratum geological drilling bits, semiconductor and non-metallic materials cutting processing tools, etc.

④ Diamond segment manufactures hard stratum geological drill bits, correction tools and non-metallic hard and brittle materials processing tools, etc.

⑤ Resin, ceramic bond abrasive tools or grinding, etc.

⑥ Metal bond abrasive tools, electroplated products, drilling tools or grinding, etc.

⑦ Sawing, drilling and correction tools, etc.


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