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What can stone machine be used for?

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What can stone machine be used for?

The stone machine has a long history. Because human activities have already existed on the earth, stone processing has been carried out. Therefore, archaeologists divide the life of ancient humans into Paleolithic and Neolithic. In the Paleolithic age 2.5 million years ago, humans began to make stone into their main tools, such as polished stone axes, stone chisels, stone chisels and stone shovel, polished grindstones, stone hammers, and stone chips. Later, with the appearance of stone machines and diamond tools, humans gradually mastered various methods of mining and processing stone.


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l What are the uses of stone machine?

l About the technical application of Wanlong Stone Machinery Co Ltd's stone machine.

l Introduction of stone machine application fields and development trends.


What are the uses of stone machine?

Bandung Stone Machine Co., Ltd. has a very professional R&D team, but it still needs personnel with certain stone machine knowledge and experience to master the process parameters of the processing process to produce top-quality stone products. Many foreign stone mines, especially granite mines, have fully adopted diamond beaded wire saws for mining blocks, and in the sawing process of granite blocks, multi-line diamond beaded wire saws have been promoted.


【Exploration and mine design stage】

Geological drilling rigs, ground drilling rigs, radioactivity detectors, sample analyzers, rock crackers, etc.

【Stone mining stage】

Rock drills, diamond wire saws, mast cranes, capstone stone machine, truck cranes, excavators, chain pushers, air compressors, chain arm saws, etc.

【Stone processing stage】

Sand saws, circular saws, frame saws, grinders, special-shaped processing machines, gluing machines, plate processing lines, synthetic stone lines, diamond tools, etc.

【Stone Decoration Design】

CAD software, digital camera, computer, scanner, laser scriber, etc.

【Stone decoration stage】

Wall saws, cleaning machines, refurbishment stone machine, chemical anchors, dry hangers, pay-off instruments, etc.

【Stone detection stage】

stone machine presses, radioactivity detectors, calipers, steel rulers, wear testers, etc.

【Stone Repair and Protection】

Stone renovation machine, washing machine, water absorption machine, gloss detector, etc.

【Comprehensive Utilization of Stone】

Synthetic stone equipment line, filter, water purifier, stone press, stone brick machine, etc.


About the technical application of Wanlong Stone Machinery Co Ltd's stone machine.

In the stone industry, digital templates and 3D scanning are providing digital information and sending it to CNC machining saws and work centers. These files are usually sent from the site to the factory via the Internet. Smart phones and tablets that may be used are not available now. Everywhere, even if these are the core tools of the Industry 4.0 digital communication revolution, it is worth mentioning.


As a professional machinery manufacturer with more than ten years of experience, Wanlong Stone Machinery Co., Ltd. has a very professional R&D team dedicated to constantly updating the latest technology and combining first-hand market information to ensure that our technology and stone machinery are always in leading position. At the highest level, it satisfies the market and customer's stone machine needs well.


In addition to providing top and high-quality stone machines, we also guarantee timely and reliable after-sales service. We have a mature and professional after-sales team to provide you with 24-hour service from installation, maintenance, collection of customer feedback and solutions for customers to solve problems encountered in the operation of stone machine. Share more information about stone machine problems and solutions here to help customers understand how to solve some problems by themselves to better operate stone machine


Introduction of stone machine application fields and development trends.

At present, Industry 4.0 tends to include human-machine interfaces, but the use of artificial intelligence interfaces may not be too long, because this can eliminate the danger of becoming the biggest defect in stone machine integrated manufacturing.


① Stone machine will develop in the direction of diversification, high efficiency, precision, automation and assembly line.

② Stone machine develops towards diamond wire saws, large mast cranes, multi-head drilling rigs, etc. to adapt to the improvement of modern stone block production efficiency;

③ Stone machine develops towards continuous production line;

④ Large sand saws, frame saws, multi-knife cutting stone machines, continuous grinding machines and surface treatment equipment, special-shaped processing machines, engraving machines, processing centers, etc. will all be favored by users;

⑤ Decoration machinery is showing a trend toward miniaturization, portability and diversification;

⑥ Stone maintenance machinery is developing towards miniaturization, specialization, high efficiency and portability;

⑦ Stone testing instruments and equipment are developing in the direction of more specialization, standardization, generalization, miniaturization and intelligence;

⑧ The decoration design of stone is developing towards computer, database and network;

⑨ The combination of its corresponding equipment, instruments and use technology will also be an important development part of the future stone software science.


Generally speaking, the construction industry has been slow to accept new technologies and new ideas, but the stone machine of Industry 4.0 is beginning to be more and more easily accepted-BIM (Building Information Modeling); virtual reality can browse the unfinished development, and Check the inside of the stone machine without disassembling the stone machine; make measurements with autonomous drones, and even use concrete and robots for 3D printing on scaffolding bricks!