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Wanlong diamond drill product introduction

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Wanlong diamond drill product introduction

The drill bit is a diamond tool used to drill round holes in the stone. In large factories, a fixed machine is used to connect with the drill bit through a thread. The drill bit is rotated and fed under pressure to cut the stone, in order to cool and discharge the stone powder. When high-pressure water is injected from the water hole in the middle of the drill bit, the water is discharged from the gap in the outer ring of the drill bit and brings out the cut stone powder and the heat generated during the processing of the drill bit. The water penetration of the drill bit is very important, and good water penetration can ensure the life of the drill bit. Greatly extend and maintain the sharpness of the drill bit.

      In the installation site or large processing plants, bench drills or electric drills are usually used to drill holes. Because the equipment restricts the drill bit to be injected from the side, the cooling and chip removal effect of the drill bit is not good, and the operator can only rely on the operator to frequently raise the drill bit to allow water to be injected. There should be a water groove on the drill bit, and the gap between the inner and outer rings of the drill bit and the outer diameter of the base should be larger, so as to accommodate more stone powder. It is not easy to be stuck by the stone powder and burn the drill bit, and the bit section is easy to fall off due to poor cooling, and it needs to be welded firmly. Commonly used interface thread installations are: M14  M16 G1/2”  5/8”-11 1 1/4". Common rod diameters for straight rod drills are: φ10 φ12. The diameters of our main drill bits range from (6mm-150mm) and can also be customized according to customer requirements.

    There are three types of segment shapes for the drill bit:

    The first type of drill from the diameter (6mm-12mm) to the plane

    The second type from the diameter (13mm-16mm) is the crown drill bit

    The third type is a multi-section welding drill with a diameter of 18 mm or more

We are currently producing high frequency welding drill bits

The parameters that guests may ask are shown in the parameter table

Various diameters, speed min/R.P.M, feed speed mm/min, service life/hole,

What data should we ask for

1) The specific installation interface? For example, M14  M16 G1/2" 5/8"-11 1 1/4". The common rod diameter of straight drill bit is: φ10 φ12.

2) Processing objects, such as granite, concrete, marble, sandstone, etc.

3) Drill bit diameter, diamond segment length, segment wall thickness

4) The shape of the drill bit segment: such as flat segment, crown segment, segment type

5) Product surface spray color and packaging requirements

Distinction of the nodules: the integrally sintered ring-shaped nodules are usually called crown bits

 A drill bit welded by multiple segments is usually called a segment drill

  There is also a drill bit that is welded with a groove on the section for dry use, called a corrugated drill.

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