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Wanlong Diamond Wire Saw

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Wanlong Diamond Wire Saw

1. Manufacturing features:

Diamond wire saw manufacturing is firstly to produce beads, then combine it with steel rope and accessories. Then according to three fixed modes: spring, plastic (with spring), and rubber (with spring) to form a wire saw.

Diamond beads can be manufactured by electroplating, hot pressing and vaccum brazing. The advantage of electroplating beads is smaller diameters, higher cutting efficiency but with short life, which is right for plastic fixed mode and for different hardness marble cutting. Hot-pressed beads has long life, with lowest cutting efficiency, only with diameter bigger than 6mm but has wide applicability. Vacuum brazing beads are very sharp, with good cooling and chip flushing effects, good life. It is convenient to produce small diameters, and right for soft and hard stones.

Wire saw assembly and post-processing: prepare beads, steel rope, plastic material, rubber material, or springs, washers, steel sleeves etc., then use special molds, tools, equipment etc. to inject plastic, or inject rubber, or fix the spring; then exposure the beads diamond and post-processing.

2. Cutting object:

Diamond wire saws are widely used in the stone and construction industries. They are mainly used for stone mining, block shaping, profiling (tombstones, special-shaped panels processing), and reinforced-concrete cutting (concrete, reinforced concrete, concrete, large-scale steel-concrete structural parts, steel structural parts demolition etc., such as the demolition of houses and bridges, the cutting of underwater steel pipes, steel cables, sunken ships etc.).

Generally speaking, spring wire saws are only suitable for cutting marble and limestone, bad  rust resistance and wear resistance. Wire saws fixed by plastic are commonly used for mining and processing calcareous stones. The plastic layer can protect the steel rope and fixed beads, but the wear resistance is slightly worse for it becomes hard at low temperature. The wire saw fixed by rubber has stronger bonding, better wear resistance and impact resistance. Therefore, it is more widely used and suitable for all kinds of materials cutting. The diamond wire saw is dust-free, vibration-free, low noise, energy saving, safe, large cutting surface, high material yield, high productivity, high efficiency, long life, and low cost.

3. Applicable cutting machine:

A full sawing mining system composed of medium and large diamond wire saws with a main motor power greater than 22kw, mobile mining stone cutters (disc saws), rock drills, etc. mainly used for open-pit stone mining. High-power diamond wire saws and arms cutting machine combination can be used for open-pit and sunken open-pit stone mining. Equipped with professional arm saw, it can be used for cave-style stone mining. Wire saw with a main motor power of 7.5-22kw are mostly used for small-area cutting, block shaping, and slab cutting.

There are also multi-wire saws, which have higher cutting efficiency.

4. Specifications and performance:

Wire saws are characterized by high speed and low cutting pressure. The steel rope is subjected to high tensile and bending stress, and also bears alternating loads. The beads and auxiliary materials are subject to greater friction and wear. The radius of curvature at the beginning of the sawing is very small. It is a great test for the breaking resistance of the steel rope and the flexibility of the wire saw.

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