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Vacuum Brazed Cnc Black Diamond Drilling Tools for Concrete



Drilling measures to prevent personal injury are very important. People-oriented can better guarantee construction efficiency and project quality. The key to safety is to implement every construction detail. The editor of the Construction Network will introduce to you the measures to prevent personal injury from drilling.

1. In the construction operation, all types of work must cooperate closely, work carefully according to the standards, and the operation method of the operator's standing position must be correct. It is strictly forbidden for cadres to command illegally, and workers to work in violation of regulations and behave arbitrarily;

2. In the process of installation, demolition and production, avoid multi-level cross-operations. If there are special circumstances, corresponding technical measures must be taken, and designated personnel will be instructed and supervised.

3. Winter production must be in accordance with winter construction standards. Before drilling, the machine pump room must be set up, the drill floor and the second floor wall cloth must be installed, and the holes in the good wall must be bolted and firm.

4. Protective covers and protective railings of all kinds of equipment must be complete, intact, strong, and maintenance and sanitation must be carried out after stopping the operation to avoid slipping to cause accidents.

5. Workers entering the construction site must wear safety helmets and wear protective equipment as required, and must wear safety belts when working on the derrick for more than two meters.

6. The personnel of all positions must strictly implement the operating procedures, do good job, sleep job, do not work after drinking, and do not operate illegally. Strictly implement the inspection system of each position, strengthen the inspection of key and vital parts, and promptly discover and eliminate various hidden dangers of accidents. .

7. Strengthen employees' daily safety education, improve employees' safety awareness, safety technology, safety skills, and self-protection capabilities.

8. Persist in the study of the safety production law every Monday, and organize the study of various accident cases according to the changes of the construction season, so that the workers at the position can recognize the hazards of the accident through learning, and learn lessons from it, to prevent illegal operation and use of equipment;

9. Leaders and leaders responsible for safety and cadres on duty have strengthened patrol inspections, and constantly guide and supervise the problems in the construction, and implement them in each post.

10. In the well site, safety signs should be hung in the fire equipment room, drill floor, truck, engine room, warehouse, power generation room, electrical equipment control and mechanical rotating parts.



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