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Three reasons why you choose stone machine

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Three reasons why you choose stone machine

There are so many stone machine brands in the market, and stone machine's purchase plan is different. What are the advantages of choosing a stone machine? No stone machine can meet the needs of all customers. When choosing a stone machine, the following factors must be considered: to comply with the development of the industry, to meet the needs of its own processing characteristics and the needs of its own development direction, In line with the current situation of the company, to meet the needs of the company's customers; different needs, different development directions, and different company statuses should choose different engraving machines.


Here is the content list:

l The stone machine is highly efficient and saves costs.

l Stone machine has a complete operating system.

l Stone machine conforms to the development of the industry.


The stone machine is highly efficient and saves costs.

First of all, in the processing process, the commonly used methods for slab cutting are manual cutting, semi-automatic stone machine cutting and CNC stone machine. Manual cutting is flexible and convenient, but manual cutting has poor quality, dimensional error, large amount of waste and subsequent processing, and at the same time, poor working conditions and low production efficiency. Semi-automatic cutting machine in the profile cutting machine, the cutting quality is good, because it uses a cutting die, it is not suitable for single piece and small batch cutting.


Secondly, although other types of semi-automatic stone machine reduce labor intensity, their functions are simple and are only suitable for cutting more regular-shaped parts. At present, manual cutting and semi-automatic cutting are more common in some small and medium-sized enterprises in our country, and even in some large enterprises. Nowadays, with the development of modern machinery industry, the requirements for slab cutting efficiency and product quality are constantly increasing. It can be seen that the potential market of CNC stone machine is still very large, and the market prospect is more optimistic!


Stone machine has a complete operating system.

Large-scale requires that the stone machine must have the following functions: a convenient operating system; only a convenient stone machine can meet the needs of large-scale production, and enable one person to operate several engraving machines, etc.


Super stability and superior cooling performance: The working time of equipment without super stability and superior cooling performance cannot be guaranteed. Whether the stone machine manufacturer adopts imported components and whether it has independent research and development capabilities becomes the key.


Sustainable upgrade: The update convenience of the stone machine is another requirement of large-scale production; the engraving opportunities that cannot be upgraded continuously allow you to continuously invest large-scale capital;


Diversification requires the stone machine to have the following functions: sustainable upgrade; the stone machine needs to be continuously upgraded according to the needs of customer development, whether the engraving machine manufacturer has a comprehensive R&D capability becomes the key;


To meet its own processing characteristics, it must be in line with the company's development status; the stone machine production company must choose different sizes and different specifications according to the company's strength and the company's processing characteristics


Stone machine conforms to the development of the industry.

Scale and diversification are the development direction of the engraving industry. To meet the needs of company customers, to be able to apply excellent design software, it must have strong compatibility; to have an excellent post-processing technology, it is necessary for manufacturers or distributors to provide post-processing technology training.


The service quality of stone machine depends on the following aspects: whether the product supplier has a complete after-sales service system, whether it has a good supply of after-sales accessories, whether it has high-quality technical engineers, whether it has an excellent after-sales service concept


The cost of the stone machine is related to the performance of the stone machine in the following aspects: whether it has the ability to adapt to large-scale production, whether it has excellent stable performance, whether it is conducive to long-term work, etc.; I hope to help you buy a stone machine that makes you satisfied !

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