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The benefits of using stone polishing machine

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The benefits of using stone polishing machine

Fujian Wanlong Group is a professional machinery manufacturer with more than ten years of experience. Wanlong Stone Machinery Co., Ltd. has a very professional R&D team dedicated to constantly updating the latest technology and combining first-hand market information to ensure our Technology and machinery have always been in a leading position, at the highest level, and well met the needs of the market and customers!


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l Introduction to the performance advantages of stone polishing machine.

l What is the main function of stone polishing machine?

l What are the advantages of stone polishing machine?


Introduction to the performance advantages of stone polishing machine.

The stone polishing machine is a stone machinery machine that consists of a roller belt with a plastic shell driven by electricity. The grit is fixed on the edge of the drum with rough stones to eliminate rough edges. The middle-grade fine sand gravel of the stone polishing machine is further polished to reach a higher level of polishing by the stone polishing machine. Finally, the finest grade of sand is used to make the stone reach the high standard of polishing.


The mission of Bandung Machinery is to provide customers with advanced stone polishing machine technical solutions to achieve efficient tool production. 18 years of practical experience in the stone polishing machine industry has contributed to the rich experience and technical advantages of diamond tools. Wanlong Machinery will satisfy customers' needs by providing better services to complete the task.


What is the main function of stone polishing machine?

Stone polishing machine polishing is mainly to increase the gloss of the stone. Put the polishing stone on the processed product, and use the mechanical equipment to quickly run and "dry polishing, wet polishing" to achieve the polishing effect. The surface of the product will appear very strong. Reflected light, which is commonly referred to as gloss. In the whole polishing process of the stone polishing machine, the rough stone becomes a highly polished gloss sample. According to the type of rock, its original shape, size and strength, it needs 6 to 7 weeks of continuous rolling.


In addition, small stones can be polished to a higher degree than large stones, depending on the smaller area and the effect of the polishing medium. Larger rocks usually require a longer time to sand because they take up most of the average area of the drum and have a larger surface area. Many types of stone polishing machines or rock rollers come in, and some can hold more than 5 pounds of rock. Large-scale commercial stone polishing machine can also be used to treat a large number of siding, courtyard beautification and other projects.


What are the advantages of stone polishing machine?

l The stone polishing machine is the prelude to the treatment of the crystal surface of the stone. After the marble polishing machine, the stone has high luminosity, high definition, abrasion resistance, stepping resistance, and scratch resistance. It is the true embodiment and value extension of the stone use function.


l Stone polishing is a prelude to stone crystal surface treatment or a necessary process in stone processing. The principle of the marble stone polishing machine is to use chemical agents such as stone crystal surface agents to cooperate with the pressure, high-speed grinding force, frictional heat of the stone grinding machine disc, and the action of water to perform physical and chemical actions on the relatively smooth marble surface to form new bright crystals. Floor.


l After the stone floor is treated by a stone polishing machine and a stone crystal faceting agent, the pores are not completely closed. The stone polishing machine can still breathe inside and out, and the stone is not easy to disease. At the same time, it has a certain waterproof and antifouling effect.


l The continuous care of the polished crystal layer and the crystal layer after stone polishing machine is easy to operate. It does not need cleaning agent to clean the ground. It can be directly polished with water polishing and stone crystal surface agent dry polishing. It can be polished and treated at any time, and can be operated locally.


In addition to providing top-quality and high-quality stone polishing machines, Bandung Stone Group also guarantees timely and reliable after-sales service. We have a mature and professional after-sales service team to provide you with a 24-hour service from installation, maintenance, collecting customer feedback and providing solutions to solve the problems encountered by customers when operating the machine. Share more information about stone polishing machine problems and solutions here to help customers understand how to solve some problems by themselves to better operate stone polishing machine!

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