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Suggestions for the correct use of diamond tools

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Suggestions for the correct use of diamond tools

With its unparalleled performance advantages, diamond tools have become the only effective tool for processing hard and brittle non-metallic materials. For example, only diamond tools can be used to process super-hard ceramics, and there is no other substitute. Next, I will specifically introduce the use skills and precautions of diamond tools.


Here is the content list:

l Use skills and precautions of diamond tools.

l Ensure the correct and safe use of diamond tools

l Give examples to illustrate the precautions for the use of diamond tools.


Use skills and precautions of diamond tools.

l Diamond tools are mini-dressed

In order to reduce the trimming time, it seems that there is always a temptation to choose a larger trimming depth. This is an extremely wrong idea. The most suitable repair depth must be selected to dress the diamond tools grinding wheel. Choosing a too large dressing depth will produce high cutting temperature, reduce the service life of the dresser, and also remove the useful grinding wheel layer. The end result is damage to both the diamond tools dresser and the grinding wheel, which is counterproductive.


l Diamond tools insist on cooling

Appropriate use of coolant can accelerate the dressing speed and increase the dressing power. According to diamond tool experience, choosing a 3/8 inch diameter coolant can remove a lot of heat from the dresser and prolong the service life of the diamond tools dresser.


Ensure the correct and safe use of diamond tools

① Operate strictly in accordance with the safe use rules of the machine and diamond tools manufacturers

② Wear appropriate protective equipment, keep in mind the possible risks when working, especially cutting debris, sparks, dust, noise, vibration, etc., and ensure that workers or passersby constructing nearby are protected from sparks or debris.

③ The work area is well-lit and clean. Avoid working on slippery or uneven ground, and avoid working with diamond tools in icy and snowy environments.

④ Visually inspect the diamond tool to see if there is any damage, such as broken core, missing or deformed cutter head.

⑤ Diamond tools must be consistent with their applications, and appropriate tools should be used when installing or disassembling.

⑥ Make sure that the saw blade is installed correctly as required, such as the direction of rotation identification and flange matching.

⑦ If used for wet cutting, make sure to provide sufficient coolant for both sides of the diamond tools

⑧ Make sure that the saw blade guard is placed in the correct position, and rotate the saw blade by hand before use to prevent blockage of the diamond tools.

⑨ It is forbidden to use diamond tools over speed. Idling at the maximum operating speed for at least 30 seconds before formal work. After turning off the machine, let the diamond tools stop by itself.

⑩ Make sure to regularly use a tachometer to measure the shaft speed of the machine.

⑪ The diamond tools need to be stored on a flat surface, or hung on a nail or placed on a strong support.


Give examples to illustrate the precautions for the use of diamond tools.

l Use of diamond bits

① Lower the diamond tools slowly, especially slowly through the turntable, blowout preventer, and casing hanger to protect the cutting teeth.

② Pay attention to the blocked well section that occurred during the last trip. When the diamond tools is drilled down, the drill bit should pass through slowly when it encounters reduced diameter and dog legs.

③ When a single root is about 1 to the bottom of the well, it starts to rotate at a drilling speed of 50-60 rpm and starts a pump with a rated displacement to flush the bottom of the well.

④ Pay attention to the weight gauge and torque to make the diamond tools smoothly contact the bottom of the well.


l Diamond saw blade use:

① Sufficient water supply (water pressure greater than 0.1Mpa).

② The water supply pipe is at the cutting part of the diamond saw blade.

③ If the water supply is interrupted unexpectedly, please resume the water supply as soon as possible, otherwise it is recommended to suspend the cutting


l Use of diamond grinding wheel:

① After the diamond wheel is installed on the flange, it must be statically balanced before it can be used. Do not remove the grinding wheel from the flange before it is used up, which can prolong the service life of the grinding wheel.

② Coolant should be used as much as possible when grinding, which can not only improve the grinding efficiency and grinding quality, but also reduce the wear of the grinding wheel. The commonly used coolants for diamond saw blades are kerosene, light diesel and light gasoline, etc. Kerosene is generally preferred.

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