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Stone processing is developing towards environmental protection and energy saving

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Stone processing is developing towards environmental protection and energy saving

Stone is a non-renewable resource. How to effectively use this resource for the benefit of mankind is the biggest concern of the stone industry. In the field of stone materials, how to make full use of stone resources, reduce resource waste as much as possible, and reduce the pollution of waste residue and wastewater to the environment is the subject of current and future equipment development and research.

The research and development of synthetic stone processing equipment conforms to the new concept of environmental protection and energy saving. On the one hand, synthetic stone can maintain the characteristics of natural stone, and on the other hand, it can change some of the defects of natural stone. Synthetic stone processing equipment currently has a complete production line from block synthesis and block processing to plate grinding and polishing and packaging. Synthetic stone can have its special functions through scientific design, such as wear-resistant synthetic stone, chemical corrosion-resistant synthetic stone, radiation-resistant synthetic stone and synthetic stone with comprehensive mechanical properties.

Stone sheet processing is another way to save stone resources. At present, the thin plate refers to the plate whose thickness is less than 10mm. Now we have developed ultra-thin slab stone processing, and the thickness of the ultra-thin slab is below 6mm. Ultra-thin panels are made into honeycomb panels, aluminum-plastic composite panels, etc.

Processing environmental protection is also an important research content and development direction. For example, a large amount of dust is generated in the process of stone grinding and polishing. A high-power fan and atomization system are used to absorb the dust, so that the workshop dust can be reduced and the workshop air can be filtered to eliminate dust pollution.

Stone processing requires a lot of water, and the water treatment system is also an important environmental protection measure. The use of a water treatment system can separate mud and water, recycle water, improve the workshop environment and reduce water usage costs. When developing stone processing equipment, environmental protection is also considered, making stone processing a green processing system.

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