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Stone Processing Method with Wanlong Diamond Tools

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Stone Processing Method with Wanlong Diamond Tools

Stone processing methods include: sawing, grinding and polishing, chiseling, planing, singeing, repairing and so on.

1. Sawing: used for cutting block, shaping, cutting block into rough slabs and trimming;

2. Grinding and polishing: Rough grinding, semi-fine grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding, and polishing of the rough slabs to make the thickness and flatness meet the requirements, so that the color, pattern and gloss are fully displayed; sometimes For trimmed and polished stone, re-milling, edging, chamfering, drilling, slotting, etc. are required.

3. Chiseling and planing: It is a traditional processing method that uses wedging, chiseling, chopping, trimming, sandblasting and other methods to process the blank into the required product. The surface can be rocky, reticulated, hammered or Glossy. Can be processed manually or mechanically;

4. Singeing: also known as spray burning, which uses the difference in thermal expansion coefficients of different mineral particles in granite to make a part of the particles on the surface expand and loosen, forming undulating and orderly rough decorative patterns. This rough granite board is suitable for non-slip floor and outdoor wall decoration;

5. Repair: Repair is to modify the small defects (cracks, holes) of the stone.

The above sawing, grinding and polishing, as well as possible drilling and milling, generally use diamond tools, including diamond sawing tools (circular saw blades, gang saws, wire saws, tube saws, band saws, chain saws , Wire saws), grinding and polishing tools (bra, soft grinding discs, grinding discs, sheep's hoof blocks, bowl grinding, edging wheels, drums, forming wheels, etc.), drills, milling tools (milling cutters, drums), small tools (mini tools) etc.

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