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Saw Wire Marble Rock Drill Granite Wire Saw Cutting Machine

Numerical Control Wire Saw
  • SJ-2000A

Make cutting easier!

SJ-2000A Numercial Control Wire Saw Machine:

Ideal machine for diverse, complex, 2-dimensional surfaces processing, such as circular stone plates, character, roman column slab and so on.



- Independent guide rails on the columns make the flywheel move up and down smoothly
- Flywheels works stably that improves the service lifetime of the diamond wire saw
- Stable and constant stretch on the flywheels enhances the cutting accuracy
- Guide wheel adopts a four-layer sealed protection system to greatly improve machining precision
- Down feed speed is adjustable according to different cutting materials
- CNC system makes the human-machine interface easy and flexible
- Protective cover is waterproof and highly durable

- CE Certified

- 12month warranty

Numerical Control Wire Saw Stone Machinery for Marble

Technical Parameters

1. SJ-2000A

Numerical Control Wire Saw




Diameter of diamond wire



Wire length



Main motor power



Table dimensions(L×W)



Max.cutting size(L×W×H)



Overall dimensions(L×W×H)



Water consumption



Approximate weighe



CNC Panel

 Numerical Control Wire Saw Stone Machinery for Marble CNC Panel

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Numerical Control Wire Saw Stone Machinery for Marble OF WANLONG Stone Machinery 

1,The movements of the machine are controlled by a Four axes CNC. Up -down is Y axis.trolley movement is X axis.left guide wheel rotation is A xis. right guide wheel rotation is B axis.The data can be input directly in the CNC  When you cut standard slabs or by operator program with G code. If there are any complex graphics, it can draw graphics with AutoCAD in DXF format and put it on USB  interface. When it  is put on the USB interface,the cnc system can read the DXF format and automatically generate the program.

Detail Display

1、Scene processing

2、Computer controlled system

Numerical Control Wire Saw Stone Machinery for Marble Detail Display

2,The machine is provided with steady structure, including top beam,two upright column,square box,hydraulic tensioning unit,two big flywheel. Left side install a driven big flywheel and hydraulic tensioning device. hydraulic tensioning device controls diamond wire tension or loosen, at the same time keep the diamond wire  pressure. Right side install a driving flywheel and main motor, the driving flywheel is driven by main motor with can control the speed of wire  between 0-40m/s via inverter.the machine can cut different kind of stone material.



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3,In order to reducing the diamond wire wear and keeping the diamond wire steady , the machine are equiped with four guide wheels (Diameter: 200mm). guide wheels are protected by rubber liners which can be easily changed once they are worn wheel rotate according to cutting shape,controled by step motor.
4,According to the size of the stone,we equip with an electric system for bringing closer the  guide wheels that is to adjust the cutting width as stone size, reducing the arch value when cutting with diamond wire .
5,The table of trolley is 3000 x 2000 mm and has a maximum capacity of 40 Tons. it cannot rotate
6. Worktable is running by lead screw and move on  railways. The lead screw is soaked with oil in a closed cover againt dust and water(Patent product).that would extend the life time of  screw and rail
7. There has automatic alarm if wire broken.
8.We equip a cooling system for diamond can detect water pressure.the machine will automatically stop in case of no water or insufficient water flow, to protect the diamond wire.
9,the up and down screws are covered with a short platic pipe to hold the grease and be oiled. protected with dust cover against dust and water


Numerical Control Wire Saw Stone Machinery for Marble Exhibition