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Resin Dry Wet Polishing Pad Granite Marble Polishing Tools

Polishing Pad

Resin Dry Wet Polishing Pad

 Polishing Pad Abrasive for Stone Edge Polishing Tools

After many years of use and its natural weathering, coupled with improper care of man-made, it is easy to cause its natural color and brightness to disappear, which is unbearable; the cost of re-decoration is too high and the time is too long. The marble renovation process uses chemical and physical effects in a very short time. On the original basis, it is restored to its original brightness through machine grinding and polishing. The color is natural and the brightness is 100%. It is economical and time-saving. The service life is more than five years.

The following are the centralized grinding stones commonly used in stone polishing:

  1. Diamond soft abrasive disc is a new type of tool used for ground renovation in recent years. Its lightness and flexibility make it a good fit for the machined surface. The particle size can be provided from 20#---3000#, and BUFF black, white (polished). In this product, the grinding disc uses diamond as the abrasive, which is light in weight and can protect the soft part of the stone surface during grinding. The processed product has high gloss; it is connected by Velcro fasteners, which is convenient for operation. Its use still has good room for improvement.

2. The magnesite grindstone is made of silicon carbide abrasive, magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride. The use of silicon carbide is preferably green silicon carbide. Black silicon carbide is relatively cheaper. The particle size is generally 16#--1200 #, the hardness of the grindstone produced is also from hard to soft, its point is low cost, good self-sharpening, strong processing adaptability, can process granite, marble, artificial stone, ceramic tiles, etc., but the processing rate is relatively Low, the production cycle is relatively long, and the grinding head needs greater pressure when working. It is a conventional grinding tool. After the storage period of this kind of grinding stone is more than one year, various properties will change, such as self-sharpening, soft and hard Degree etc.

3. Silicon carbide resin grindstones are made by mixing and consolidating silicon carbide abrasives and resins. They can be pressed with phenolic resin, and some can be poured after mixing with liquid resin. It is mainly used for fine grinding. The point of pressing is good durability and good wettability during grinding. Especially when processing marble, the grinding brightness is good and the rate is relatively high, but the cost is relatively high, mainly fine Particle size, phenolic grindstone is easy to color when grinding and polishing light-colored stones, which is the main reason why it cannot be widely used. Mixing very fine silicon carbide powder and other materials with resin and pouring the grindstone is the main method for polishing granite, terrazzo and concrete.

4. Ceramic grindstone is made by mixing silicon carbide abrasive and vitreous material and sintering at high temperature. It has good durability, but it is easy to be blocked, and the phenomenon of grinding and slipping occurs. The cost is also high. Now it is used less.

5. The metal bond grinding disc is made of diamond and metal powder after sintering. The point is that the processing rate is high and the processing results are good. Generally, the number starts from 50#, and the coarse grain size 20# should be selected carefully, otherwise, the result will be coarser. It’s difficult to process the back of the scratches. In addition, the fine grain size used is not more than 400#. This tool is used to trim rough surfaces. There are tools that can process a satisfactory surface. The cost is relative to the front. To be higher, but the high processing quality is unmatched by ordinary grinding stones.

6. Resin bond grinding disc is made of diamond single crystal, fine powder and resin. The point is that the cost is lower than that of metal, and the processing rate is high. It is mainly used for fine grinding of stone, to polishing, after the metal grinding disc is flattened. Yes, continue grinding and polishing tools. The cost is relatively moderate.

Technical Parameters

Resin Dry Wet Polishing Pad












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Polishing Pad Abrasive for Stone Edge Polishing ToolsPolishing Pad Abrasive for Stone Edge Polishing Tools 

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Polishing Pad Abrasive for Stone Edge Polishing Tools PART OF WANLONG Stone Machinery

Consistent Quality Control:  

1. Raw material  

have advanced device for diamond, powder ete inspection;

2. Finshed product

All produced product has been inspetion and approved before shipment.

3. Production

production procedure been strictly controlled by quality controlled department;

Any quality related problem that we are care and will solved for client.


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 Polishing Pad Abrasive for Stone Edge Polishing Tools Exhibition



Polishing Pad Abrasive for Stone Edge Polishing Tools 

Company Introduction

Manufacture and use of tools make human beings have the chances to get more natural resources and create a brilliant civilization.Wanlong has dedicated to stone cutting and stone application since 1993.Today, a daily average of 100,000 pieces of Wanlong diamond tools are exported around the world. Insisting on technological innovation, we continue to create more efficient and more cost-effective diamond tools. We have developed laminated stone panel.

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