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Quartz Granite Marble Stone CNC Milling Cutting Bridge Saw Machine

Bridge Cutting Machine
  • QZQ-900/1200

Make cutting easier!

Heavy duty structure, High precision laser, programmable system

Bridge Marble Cutting Machine china bridge stone machinery in Stone Factory 

Technical Parameters

1. Bridge Cutting machine





Max. diameter of blade





Main motor power




Blade vertical stroke




Table dimensions(L×W)




Table rotating degree




Max. cutting size (L×W×H)




Overall dimensions(L×W×H)




Water consumption




Approximate weight




For dry cutting blade, it is suitable choose non-softenable bond with good thermal conductance, strong holding force for diamond, so the cobalt bond is more suitable, also the tungsten bond. The head resistance of diamond should be good, and suitable for plating. And the design of diamond segment & steel core shape which should easy for chip removing and increasing cooling result.

Detail Display

1、screw rod lifting system(optional)

2、computer controlled system

3、laser device


5、steel base(optional)



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Bridge Marble Cutting Machine china bridge stone machinery Wanlong Stone Machinery

Gennerally, blade choosing should obey” Match cutting “ principle, which means  all parameter of blade (like diamond quality grade, grit, concentration, bond performance, segment shape & size, core shape & size, welding …etc) should correspondingly matched with cutting material property , cutting machine property,and cutting parameter which could make the best cutting result. Once there has matching mistake, would result to un-cutting or low life.
There is some brief introduction different application of different blade as below:

Pre-Sales Service

1. Inquiry and consulting support.

2. View our Factory.

3. Visiting Local stone factories to see our machine performance

4. Visiting Local stone factories to see our machine performance

5. After-Sales Service

Dispatching Technician to Overseas for Machine installation and Traning how to operate the machine.

6. warantee 12 months


Packaging Shipping

Packge depends on the quanity and the product feature

sea worthy packaging, fully wrapped with waterproof membrane and air bubbles. 1 set with one 20ft container(20GP) or LCL


1)General purpose blade( including hot press blade and laser welding blade)
Suitable cutting: Stone,wall/floor tiles, concrete with steel, asphalt. Turbo segment also suitable for old concrete, hard brick, suitable for dry cutting or intermittent dry cutting. Long time cutting concrete with steel and asphalt, the life is not enough.
Un-suitable cutting: strong abrasiveness material like sandstone and heave refractory bricks, though it is ok for cutting but short life.
This kind of blade cannot cut glass, fine ceramic..etc.
Manufacturing basis: Mainly can well cutting stone, and wall/floor tiles


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Bridge Marble Cutting Machine china bridge stone machinery Exhibition 

2)Professional Blade(Like granite blade, marble blade, sandstone blade, fresh-concrete blade, steel concrete blade, asphalt blade and wall saw) was design to fix cutting material, but also suitable for cutting others.

There are three main measurings of the cutting effect for diamond saw blade: efficiency, lifespan, and processing quality.
The cutting efficiency reflects the sharpness and production efficiency;
the cutting life reflects the durability of the saw blade and is often expressed by the number of cutting materials (cubic, squared, linear meters, number of blocks, etc.). Cutting life is not as long as possible, it is necessary to consider with the cutting efficiency, to achieve a good economy is the most appropriate; processing quality refers to the flatness of the sawing surface, flatness, parallelism on both sides and edge integrity .



Bridge Marble Cutting Machine china bridge stone machinery Certification

Therefore, in addition to adjusting the diamond and the anchoring agent, it is necessary to increase cutting speed, enlarge cutting depth and decrease feeding for reducing the crush and shedding of the diamond, as well as the wear of the anchoring agent. This method can enhance cutting efficiency and prolong the lifespan. By contrast, when the diamond has excessive wear resistance, the stone will be ground into a flat or smooth arc surface, and it is hard to produce micro crushing, which means that the anchoring agent matrix is over wear-resistant or it has too much control of the diamond; the cutting depth of the saw blade is large; the feeding is small; the processed material is hard and fine;

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