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Problems with domestic stone equipment

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Problems with domestic stone equipment

1) The number of equipment is large, and the complete set of equipment is small. There are many stone enterprises in my country, but relatively few complete sets of equipment are used. The resulting effect is that more stand-alone equipment is used, and fewer assembly lines and supporting equipment are used. The production scale is small and the processing accuracy is not high.

2) Equipment design is not standardized, lacking standardized and modular design. At present, there is no unified national standard for stone processing equipment, which has a certain impact on the use and maintenance, and also has a certain impact on the export of equipment. Develop stone equipment standards to make equipment serialization and standardization.

3) Less investment in equipment development and research. The development of stone processing equipment requires a strong scientific research team to conduct research on the basic theories and performance tests of the equipment, and provide basic technical data for the design and manufacture of the equipment. Due to the small investment in this area and the lack of basic data for the design and development of the equipment, the equipment manufacturing is based on experience and profiling, and the equipment structure and performance are not optimal.

4) Some of the supporting equipment in my country has not been fully automated, which has also affected the processing speed.

5) CNC machining equipment is still relatively backward. There are relatively few domestic manufacturers of using and producing CNC machining equipment, which restricts the production of stone processing products and also affects exports.

6) Lack of corresponding computer software, especially stone design and processing software. There is still a lack of special-shaped measuring devices and software for CNC machining of stone. Lack of system integration innovation.

7) The equipment has a single function and less auxiliary equipment.

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