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Precautions for the use of stone polishing machine

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Precautions for the use of stone polishing machine

The stone polishing machine is a stone machinery machine has rollers made of different grades of sand and gravel. The rough demonstration is suitable for making rings, keychains, bracelets and pendants and other jewelry and semi-precious stones after polishing. Using the stone polishing machine, a rough rock enters the roller and gradually changes. It is shiny and has high smoothness.


Here is the content list:

l Maintenance of stone polishing machine

l Requirements and precautions for stone polishing machine work

l About the maintenance and after-sales problems of stone polishing machine


Maintenance of stone polishing machine

① Every 8 hours of work, clean the dirt, dirt, and broken bricks on the body of the stone polishing machine, wash the inside and outside of the conveyor belt, clean the work site, remove the dirt in the drain, and disconnect the stone polishing machine when washing. Power supply, and be careful not to let water rush to the motor, electrical control panel, electric eye, etc.

② After every 1 week of work, check whether the fasteners of the stone polishing machine are fastened and whether the moving parts are loose.

③ Every 100 hours of work, check the tension of the stone polishing machine conveyor belt and the multi-rib belt, check the wear of the machine, and check the lubrication of the moving parts.

④ Carry out the lubrication of the stone polishing machine regularly as required.

⑤ Every 600 hours of work, check the wear of the stone polishing machine conveyor belt, multi-ribbed belt and guide rail, check the operation of the bearing, check the axis of the coupling, and adjust the stone polishing machine if it does not match.

⑥ Every 6 months of work, the oil should be changed at the oil change place. Repeat the above inspections to repair or replace the severely worn parts of the stone polishing machine.


After each year of work, a major maintenance of the stone polishing machine should be carried out, the poorly running bearings should be replaced, the necessary inspections, repairs, and replacements for the wear of the parts, the inspection and replacement of the seals, and the wear of the work table, the conveyor belt , If the wear condition of the multi-rib belt is serious, it should be replaced. Check the level of the stone polishing machine table and the verticality of the axis of the grinding head to the table. If it exceeds the error, it should be adjusted.


Requirements and precautions for stone polishing machine work

① When the stone polishing machine is in normal operation, frequent observation and frequent inspections should be done, and problems should be dealt with in a timely manner. Remember that the machine cannot be turned on for repair and troubleshooting. Problems that cannot be solved in this class should be reported to the maintenance staff or workshop in time. Failure operation.

② Pay attention to the production safety of the stone polishing machine, and the protective safety door can be locked before the machine can be turned on.

③ If rotten bricks are found, they must be dealt with in time. Clean up the rotten bricks on the stone polishing machine transmission belt. Do not let the broken bricks be inlaid on the belt. The tiles on the transmission belt cannot be interrupted. The bricks must be sent one by one.

④ The size and thickness of the stone polishing machine should be similar to the bricks. The regrind bricks should be accumulated and input at one time. They should not be mixed in the bricks to be polished. At the same time, the working pressure should be appropriately lowered.

⑤ In accordance with the inspection requirements, the stone polishing machine shall be inspected before start-up and during operation. In case of electrical failure, the machine must be shut down and notified to the electrical maintenance worker for treatment.

⑥ After shutting down after get off work, be sure to turn off the water and air sources to reduce the burden on the cylinders and seals of the stone polishing machine.

⑦ Fill in the original record of the stone polishing machine equipment operation as required.


Do not get the stone powder into the sewer during the stone polishing process, it may block the drain pipe. The noise from the stone polishing machine will occasionally torture a person’s nerves, but do not cover the stone polishing to try to reduce the noise, which may cause poor air flow and cause the equipment to overheat.


About the maintenance and after-sales problems of stone polishing machine

The replacement equipment of the stone polishing machine beam supporting roller has been used for a certain period of time. Due to the frequent reciprocating swing of the beam, its supporting roller will wear out, which will cause the failure of the mechanical motion. It must be replaced at an appropriate time. The stone polishing machine must be replaced. First, purchase the required parts, prepare the required suspension tools or equipment, and perform the following steps with the assistance of a technician:


l Remove the support cover plates at both ends of the stone polishing machine.

l Loosen the beam pressing mechanism of the stone polishing machine.

l Raise the beam of the stone polishing machine with a suspension tool.

l Take out the worn-out roller row and replace it with a new part of the stone polishing machine.

l Replace the lubricating oil in the support groove.

l Reinstallation of stone polishing machine equipment

l Note: Due to the high workload and difficulty of replacing the stone polishing machine, and it affects production, users are requested to pay more attention to the roller, change the lubricating oil frequently, pay attention to waterproof and slag prevention, and extend the service life of the stone polishing machine parts.

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