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Precautions for the use of stone machine

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Precautions for the use of stone machine

Stone machine mainly includes stone cutting equipment, stone grinding equipment and stone calibration equipment. They can convert the original block into a stone with commercial value. However, these stone machines have various components, which may cause equipment failure and cause the equipment to stop working. This will cause huge losses to the enterprise. Understanding the following information can help you avoid component failures and ensure operator safety.


Here is the content list:

l What should be paid attention to when using stone machine?

l What are the potential hazards of stone machine?

l Measures to be taken to prevent injuries to the stone machine.


What should be paid attention to when using stone machine?

First of all, the operator of the stone machine should be familiar with the safe operation procedures of the equipment and should carry out safety training before operation. When entering the work area, staff should wear safety helmets, fasten safety belts and lock buckles.


Secondly, the operator of the stone machine must abide by the labor discipline at the work place, dress neatly and not wear slippers. Smoking is prohibited, operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol, operating with gloves and prolonged contact with hair.


Check the protection of the rotating parts of the stone machine, the distributor, the safety baffle above the saw, and the electrical control components. The stone machine saw blade must be flat, the saw teeth must be sharp, a safety baffle and a drip device must be installed above the saw, and the saw blade should be installed on the shaft and kept on the center (shaft). During operation, saw blades with two missing teeth should not be used, and the maximum length of the crack should not exceed 2 cm.


What are the potential hazards of stone machine?

Stone machine, also known as mason, stone cutter, stone splitter and rock drill, has hydraulically operated rams for dividing and cutting various types of stone products. These products are mainly used in the landscaping industry. These stone machines are available in fixed and mobile models. The high-pressure hydraulic system of the stone machine can be driven by internal combustion engines (gasoline/diesel) or electric motors.


The operating point is the area on the stone machine where the material to be processed is processed, that is, the actual mechanical action, such as cutting. Unprotected stone cutting with the cutter can lead to amputation and other serious injuries. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the operation of using shears is similar to that of stone shears, causing 180 injuries. Of these injuries, 100 were amputations and 50 were described as cuts, cuts and stab wounds. During the operation, if the scissors or stone machine is not properly protected, and the worker's hand or other parts of the body are placed at the surgical site, amputation may result.


Measures to be taken to prevent injuries to the stone machine.

When workers use the stone machine, they may have their limbs amputated due to the dangerous operating point, and may cause eye and face injuries due to flying debris. The risk of amputation can be prevented by installing two-hand controls or other equipment on the stone machine and stone splitting machine.


This will prevent workers from entering the operating point and provide adequate training to operate the stone machine safely. By providing and compulsory use of appropriate eye and face protection devices, eye and face injuries can be prevented. Make sure to use some kind of protection to prevent workers from touching the cutting blade when using the stone machine. These methods may include modifying the stone machine with two-hand control or starting mechanism.


l Regularly inspect and maintain the stone machine.

l If you find other hazards related to the stone machine, please provide and ensure that workers use appropriate personal protective equipment, such as safety glasses or protective gloves.

l When using the stone machine, provide workers with information, training and supervision on safe work practices.

l Hazards related to the operation of specific machines;

l The purpose and correct application of stone machine protection methods;

l Use personal protective equipment correctly;

l Hazards related to wearing loose clothing, jewelry or other items that may be entangled in the machine;

l The importance of not allowing workers other than stone machine operators to approach the machine when using the machine; and

l If the stone machine shield does not work properly, you need to contact your supervisor.

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