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Overview of processing equipment

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Overview of processing equipment

Stone processing equipment and processing technology are the foundation and core of stone processing. It can be seen from the history of stone processing development that with the development of processing equipment and technological progress in technology, the quality of stone products and the level of processing automation have also been continuously improved. Before 1980, stone equipment was in its infancy in China. There were more than 10 stone enterprises in the country, with an annual output of 460,000 square meters of plates. The main equipment was a pendulum sand saw, a hand grinder and some disc grinders.

In the 1980s and 1990s, there were 10,000 stone companies, 30 million square meters of plates, and more than 200 equipment lines. The equipment can produce disc cutters, assembly line mills, large frame saws and some special-shaped processing equipment.

From 1990 to 2000, there were 21,700 enterprises and more than 300 plate assembly lines of 100 million square meters. There are more than 100 stone equipment companies. It has produced complete sets of stone slab and thin slab equipment, special-shaped processing equipment and tombstone processing equipment.

Stone processing has developed from simple plane processing to three-dimensional processing, from manual processing to mechanization, automation, and numerical control, and from single-piece processing to assembly lines and flexible systems.

Stone processing equipment has widely adopted advanced computer technology. Both traditional hand grinders and bridge cutters have adopted computer control systems, and most of them have adopted PLC programmable controllers, which makes the operation more convenient and flexible. . At the same time, it adopts CNC numerical control technology, laser scanning technology, infrared technology, hydraulic profiling technology, so that the stone processing equipment is developed in the direction of automation and numerical control.

The development of stone processing auxiliary devices is also very fast, and is developing in the direction of high precision. At present, there are automatic plate loading and unloading machines, automatic plate turning machines, and robotic hands. The automation of these auxiliary equipment has made it possible for the development of stone processing to FMS, while greatly reducing labor intensity and improving labor productivity.

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