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Normal Type Cnc Black Diamond Drilling Tools for Concrete



2.3 Drying method

First, after destabilizing the drilling waste fluid, it is directly stored in an impermeable and sealed storage tank and then naturally dried. The essence is to carry out solid-liquid separation, and the separated solid phase enters the sludge drying field for natural drying. The liquid phase enters the sewage treatment system and is discharged after treatment.

Advantages: In addition to the advantages of the centralized treatment field curing method, it also has the characteristics of no curing agent added and lower operating costs of the treatment field.

Disadvantages: the recovery of waste drilling fluid requires a lot of transportation costs, which is not suitable for long-distance well sites; the construction of a centralized treatment site requires a large one-time investment. The dehydration effect of drilling fluid is not ideal and needs further study; the drying field covers a large area and is greatly affected by climatic conditions; after the drying treatment, the solid solid waste cannot be completely harmless.

2.4 Recycling Law

The drilling fluid of old wells is used for drilling new wells. The method is simple and easy to implement. There is no need for transfer processing. The recovery process requires less equipment and personnel. It is a main way to reduce the cost of drilling fluid materials and prevent environmental pollution. It is suitable for close distances. Recycling between wells with land transportation conditions.

Advantages: using mechanical methods to convert waste drilling fluid into dry powder for reuse, solidification and recycling, low equipment investment at one time, realizing the secondary use of waste, and having certain economic and environmental benefits.



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