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Manual Marble Polishing Machine Hand Manual Stone Polisher

Polishing Machine
  • MS-2600

Make cutting easier!

Easy operation, flexible application, superb polishing

Manual Stone Polishing Machine for Quartz in Stone Factory

Technical Parameters

Polishing Machine





Main motor power





Gyro radius




Range of vertical stroke




Grinding wheel diameter




Max.polishing size




Overall dimensions(L×W×H)




Water consumption




Approximate weight




1. Marble grinding block polishing is a prelude to stone crystal surface treatment or a necessary process in stone processing. The main principle is to use a pressed abrasive block synthesized from inorganic acids, metal oxides and other substances to cooperate with the pressure, high-speed grinding force, and frictional heat of a mechanical grinding disc. The action of water on the relatively smooth marble surface performs physical and chemical chemical cooperation. Thereby forming a new bright crystal layer. This crystal layer has super bright and clear luminosity, which can reach 90-100 degrees. This crystal layer is a modified compound crystal layer of the stone surface (1-2mm thick).

2. Marble cleaning is a prelude to marble waxing and polishing. Marble cleaning, waxing and polishing is a more popular marble cleaning and maintenance protection measure in the 1980s and early 1990s. Now it has lost the meaning of market and existence. Its essence is a thin coating of acrylic resin and emulsion polymer covered on the newly laid stone (polished board) surface, which is what we often call water wax or floor wax. Then go through a high-speed, low-pressure polishing machine and the fiber mat to rub on the stone surface to make the resin coating brighter. Due to product renewal, special gloss wax and non-polishing wax appeared later. This coating is similar to oil varnish on wooden floor.

3. The polishing process of the abrasive block before the marble care crystal surface treatment is the physical and chemical process of the surface layer of the stone and the chemical substance. The stone surface and the bottom layer are completely integrated into a whole, and there is no separation layer.


4. The wax layer on marble waxing and polishing is attached to the surface of the stone. A resin film does not react with the stone itself. This wax film layer can be gently shoveled with a blade to remove the wax film from the stone surface.

Detail Display

Arc table(optional)

Pneumatic lifting  system(optional)



PART OF WANLONG Stone Machinery Customers(Workshop)

Manual Stone Polishing Machine for Quartz OF WANLONG Stone Machinery

 The machine uses round column as its guide slip surface for steady automatic ups and downs.Two optional

main drive motors(single speed and dual speeds) are upon the clients' choice. It is applicable to surface 

grinding and polishing of tombstones,slabs and mosaic which needs to change the thickness frequently.

The workable for grinding interior/exterior arcs is available upon customer's request.


1. Marble grinding block polishing is the prelude to stone care crystal surface treatment. After stone care and polishing, it has high luminosity, high definition, abrasion resistance, stepping resistance, and scratch resistance. It is the true embodiment and value extension of the use of stone.

2. The luminosity of the stone after waxing and polishing is low, the luminosity is not clear, and it is very fuzzy, not wear-resistant, water-resistant, easy to scratch, oxidize and turn yellow, which reduces the essential image of the stone.

Three, the difference between extension and operation

1. After the polished crystal layer and crystal layer of the stone grinding block are continuously treated (commonly known as crystal face care), the pores are not completely closed, the stone can still be breathable inside and out, and the stone is not easy to disease. At the same time, it has a certain waterproof and antifouling effect.

2. After the marble is waxed and polished, the pores of the stone are completely closed, and the stone cannot be ventilated inside and outside, so the stone is prone to disease.

3. The crystal layer and the continuous care of the crystal layer after the stone grinding block are polished are easy to operate. No cleaning agent is required to clean the ground. The grinding block can be directly used with water grinding and chemical dry grinding. It can be polished and treated at any time, and can be operated locally. There is no new contrast in the color of the stone surface.

4. After the marble is waxed and polished, after a period of time, the old wax layer needs to be removed, and the waxing water needs to be used. Large-area operation and construction are required at the same time, partial construction is not allowed, and there will be chromatic aberrations on the surface after partial construction.


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