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Manual Edge Cutting Machine Slab Chamfering Machine Edge Slicing Machine

Manual Edge Cutting Machine
  • SYQ-600

Make cutting easier!

Manual Edge Cutting Machine,slab chamfering machine,edge slicing machine For cutting and chamfering slab

Manual Edge Stone Cutting Machine for Marble in Stone Factory


Processing equipment status and sawing related data The stone processing equipment currently mainly includes sand saws and diamond disc saws. The sand saw has high efficiency and can produce large plates, but the block sawing can only be cut at one time, and the sawing method cannot be controlled artificially; the diamond circular sawing machine uses diamond circular saw blades to cut, and its structure is simple , The sawing mobility is strong, and the blocks can be cut at will according to the process, but the disadvantage is that the efficiency is low, and the size of the board is limited by the size of the diamond saw blade. Generally, the sawing board depth is about 64Omm, and it cannot be completely sawed to the end. The volume of blocks cut by sand saws is generally around the hour, the width of the saw gap is 7mm, and the cutting depth is about Zm with the height of the block; the volume of blocks cut by the circular saw is generally around 5, and the saw gap The width of the core is 10mm, and the cutting depth is limited by the diameter of the diamond circular saw blade. According to our many years of production practice, in view of the shortcomings of the traditional sawing process, we have made bold explorations in the circular sawing process, forming a new technology of rolling sawing blocks, which effectively overcomes the irregular shape of the blocks. The negative impact of the board rate fully achieves the goal of making full use of the block material and increasing its board rate.

Technical Parameters


polishing machine




Blade diameter



Main motor power



Table dimensions(L×W)



Max. cutting(L×W×H)






Water consumption



Approximate Weight



This machine is for cutting slab, Equipped with guide rail of oil-impregnation sealed type and main shaft of oil lubrication type The compact structure makes easier cutting Function of chamfering slab is optional


The so-called rolling sawing in the rolling sawing process is to determine the first sawing position through certain calculations according to the geometric size of the block, and to improve the rate of the block out of the board. There are many factors, such as equipment factors and the level of personnel sawing. The main approach lies in the cutting process of blocks, and the discovery of new sawing processes can greatly increase the rate of block output, reduce direct production costs, and make products more competitive in the market. The current situation of mining block mining The current level of mining in my country is low, most of the blocks are small in size and poor in shape. The forming size of blocks cannot be mined according to the required specifications of the production process, but the production process is adjusted according to the size of the blocks; you must know that the shape of the blocks is irregular and the geometric dimensions are different, which cannot meet the design modulus of the decoration engineering, which will inevitably cause Low board rate, high production cost and waste of precious resources.

Detail Display

01、Compact structure design with solid steel base

02、Cutting head can rotate ±45°

03、Vertical and horizontal movement of the cutting head is driven by precise screw rod which provides high cutting accuracy

04、Sealed type oil-impregnated guide rails make the worktable move more flexibly and Smoothly

05、High quality electric parts make the whole control system reliable and durable


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Manual Edge Stone Cutting Machine for Marble WANLONG Stone Machinery


Packaging Shipping

Packge depends on the quanity and the product feature

sea worthy packaging, fully wrapped with waterproof membrane and air bubbles. 1 set with one 20ft container(20GP) or LCL



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Manual Edge Stone Cutting Machine for Marble Exhibition 


1. South Asia:India, Pakistan, Bengal, Sri lanka, etc

2. South East Asia:Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand

3. Mid East:Iran, Saudi Arab, UAE, Syria, Lebanon, Israel etc

4. Africa:Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa

5. America:USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, etc

6. Oceania:Australia, New zealand

7. Europe:Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech, Yugoslavia,Latvia,Lithuania,Sweden, Finland, Danmark, Spain, Greece, Turkey



Manual Edge Stone Cutting Machine for Marble Certification

Company Introduction

Manufacture and use of tools make human beings have the chances to get more natural resources and create a brilliant civilization.Wanlong has dedicated to stone cutting and stone application since 1993.Today, a daily average of 100,000 pieces of Wanlong diamond tools are exported around the world. Insisting on technological innovation, we continue to create more efficient and more cost-effective diamond tools. We have developed laminated stone panel.

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