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Laser Bridge Stone Cutting Machine for Granite Stone Crusher Machine

Laser Bridge Cutting Machine
  • PLC-700

Make cutting easier!

The machine is for slab processing, which adopts PLC Control System, Imported Frequency converter,

PLC700 is also a computerised with a cutting head that tilt 45 degree. The touch-sensitive screen,magnetic 

grid system etc that make the machine high accuracy, stability and efficiency in cutting. It is particularly

an ideal machine for high-value and large size thicker marble, granite etc slab processing.

 Laser Bridge Stone Cutting Machine for Marble in Stone Factory

Technical Parameters


Laser Bridge Cutting Machine

The machine is for slab processing, which adopts PLC Control System, Imported Frequency converter, Precise Signing Laser etc for automatic function and guarantee its precise and stable cutting There are model PLC-400 and PLC-600 available to your choice.






Max.diameter of blade





Main motor power





Table dimensions(L×W)





Table tilting degree




Table rotating degree


90° /360°


Max.cutting size(L×W×H)





Overall dimensions(L×W×H)





Water consumption





Approximate Weight







2、Tilt angle indicator

 Laser Bridge Stone Cutting Machine for Marble Tilt angle indicator

When we go to the insulating glass production line or increase the production variety, we will choose an automatic glass cutting machine, but we should consider the following points when purchasing:

1. Cutting accuracy

For the construction industry, it is generally required to be below ±0.5mm; but for automotive mirrors, it is required to be below ±0.01mm. The cutting accuracy that each machinery manufacturer can provide is generally below ±0. 2mm, but this should not just look at the introduction of the product manual. There should be a complete set of cutting accuracy testing procedures during acceptance. The accuracy of the actual cut product should be measured. Yes, we usually have more than a dozen test samples. Through testing, we can fully grasp the flatness of the cutting platform and the synchronization control level of the control system.

2. Cutting speed

We can talk about speed when the cutting accuracy is met. Because the cutting platform is short, it is difficult to judge whether the highest speed is reached with the eyes. We can use the software simulation function of the servo drive of the cutting machine to check whether the motor speed is up highest. When testing the cutting speed, do not use real cutting, increase the acceleration and deceleration. Each axis can be tested separately or simultaneously.

3. Automatic layout optimization function

On the side of the cutting machine, taking into account the processing cost and the particularity of the work type, generally will not arrange highly educated people to do it. This requires the operation of the cutting machine to be simple, easy to understand, and not too complicated, otherwise it will cause The embarrassing situation where one can afford a machine and cannot support a machine. It is best to have the function of avoiding defects, because there are sometimes defective products in the domestic bottom glass. The graphics library for special-shaped cutting should be more and flexible, so that the graphics made by CAD can also participate in typesetting.

Four, easy maintenance

I/0 signals and mechanical sensors should not be equipped with too many, and unnecessary switches and indicators should be as few as possible, because once a certain device on the machinery fails, it will affect the use of the cutting machine. If there are fewer components, the probability of failure is low. There are also fewer wires, which is convenient for finding faults and replacing parts. It is best to debug the status of each I/0 signal on the screen. Maintenance cost is an important factor that must be considered when purchasing a machine.

Five, save energy

When the cutting size requirements can also be completed, choosing energy-saving cutting opportunities will bring many benefits to the enterprise. One is to protect the environment and save energy; the other is to save the daily expenses of the enterprise. [2] 

Scope of application

The circular cutting machine is made of high-strength aluminum alloy die-casting, which is light and portable. It is widely used in cutting pipes in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, shipbuilding, and machinery manufacturing.

The circular cutting machine is especially suitable for cutting round parts, such as round holes and flanges, especially for batch cutting of parts of the same shape.

The maximum cutting diameter of CG2-600: 600mm, the maximum cutting diameter of CG2-1000: 1000mm, CG2-600A and CG2-1000A can simultaneously cut inner and outer circles.

Detail Display

1、 User- friendly interface with simpler operation, easy to use.

2、PANASONIC PLC, PANASONIC inverter, FUJI relay and other imported or domestic first class electronic components makes the machine more reliable.

3、Top quality laser device is for export only with longer life and brightness.

4、Adopts magnetic grid system which is more accurate and reliable than traditional encoder.

5、Using Taiwan Qiyang hydraulic components for more sensitive response and reliable performance.

6、Movable steel stand for optional to replace concrete base.(optional)


Laser Bridge Stone Cutting Machine for Marble ACCURATE SLICING 

Suitable for sawing all kinds of special-shaped non-ferrous metals, aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, copper alloy, plastic, plexiglass (acrylic) and carbon fiber and other materials. Especially suitable for automatic aluminum cutting machine parts, heat sinks, audio panels , Graphics card, network card, CPU, hard disk shell, MP3 aluminum shell, U disk aluminum shell...especially suitable for short-material precision sawing electronics of the above various materials.


1. It is set by the programmable PLC program, automatic feeding, automatic clamping, automatic sawing, automatic cycle work over and over again, high cutting precision, low vibration, low noise, simple operation, high efficiency, suitable for large amount of long time sawing cut.

2. The floating feeding system does not damage the surface of the workpiece. The single feeding stroke can reach 650mm, and the feeding can be continuous for 3 times. It is especially suitable for short material sawing.

3. The cooling circulation system makes the cutting surface of the workpiece smooth and accurate, without burrs, and improves the service life of the saw blade. [2] 


1. Hidden saw blade, low noise, high safety;

2. Foot switch, automatic pressing and sawing;

3 Use 12mm rubber block to press material, which is not easy to damage;

4. It can be sawed in single or multiple pieces together;

5.800mm long feeding channel board can improve the cutting precision;

6. Automatic oil injection on both sides, the oil volume can be adjusted separately, the cutting surface has no burrs, and the saw blade is more durable;

7. This machine is processed by computer and has high cutting accuracy.

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Pre-Sales Service

1. Inquiry and consulting support.

2. View our Factory.

3. Visiting Local stone factories to see our machine performance

4. Visiting Local stone factories to see our machine performance

5. After-Sales Service

Dispatching Technician to Overseas for Machine installation and Traning how to operate the machine.

6. warantee 12 months


Packaging Shipping

Packge depends on the quanity and the product feature

sea worthy packaging, fully wrapped with waterproof membrane and air bubbles. 1 set with one 20ft container(20GP) or LCL



Customer Oriented,Honest and Highly Responsible Team  

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2. South East Asia:Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand

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4. Africa:Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa

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Laser Bridge Stone Cutting Machine Certification

Company Introduction

Manufacture and use of tools make human beings have the chances to get more natural resources and create a brilliant civilization.Wanlong has dedicated to stone cutting and stone application since 1993.Today, a daily average of 100,000 pieces of Wanlong diamond tools are exported around the world. Insisting on technological innovation, we continue to create more efficient and more cost-effective diamond tools. We have developed laminated stone panel.