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Is the stone machine safe?

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Is the stone machine safe?

The phrase “a worker must first sharpen his tools if he wants to do his job well” is applicable to many places, of course, it can also be used on the stone machine. In order to achieve the “integration of man and machine”, one must first understand the installation and installation of the stone machine. Adjustment, usage and safety precautions. Then, let’s talk about the safety knowledge of stone machine.


Here is the content list:

l Introduction to the safety performance of stone machine.

l Safety hazards when using stone machine.

l What are the safety precautions when using stone machine?


Introduction to the safety performance of stone machine.

There are many judgments to judge whether a stone machine, performance, is one of many judgments, but these are not as important as it is.So what are the characteristics of stone machine?

l The convenient operability and operability of the stone machine can reduce the movement of personnel during the operation, limit the flow of personnel, and avoid unnecessary activities such as unnecessary bending.


l The positioning and positioning of the stone machine can prevent it from being affected by the operating environment during the operation, such as a slight vibration during the operation, resulting in the misoperation of the stone engraving machine


l The movement direction of the stone machine control part and the direction of the operating parts must meet the regulations, and there are simple and easy-to-identify labels at special locations


l The stone machine installs the necessary interlocking mechanism to prevent uncoordinated movements of the control parts, and at the same time avoid the occurrence of uncoordinated events when multiple people operate


l The structure and arrangement of the handle, hand wheel and buttons of the stone machine conform to the ergonomic design. The start button is installed in the casing to prevent accidental operation and touch the button.


l The hand wheel installed on the shaft of the stone machine, the handle will rotate with the shaft when it automatically feeds, so install the automatic release device here


Safety hazards when using stone machine.

First of all, when installing the stone machine, the base should be placed on a relatively flat concrete table or a shelf made of other materials, and the track surface should be in a straight state. When the stone machine does not need to be moved, the base can be connected to the foundation with anchor screws, and finally fixed with cement.


Secondly, the support of the stone machine should be connected to the base with four bolts. When installing the support, a dial indicator should be used to correct the parallelism of the direction of movement of the saw blade facing the work surface and the perpendicularity of the saw blade facing the work surface. The error between them must be controlled within a small range.


What are the safety precautions when using stone machine?

Next, let's take a look at the use of stone machine and safety precautions.

① Operators must have general knowledge of stone machine and electrical appliances, and remember to wear insulated gloves during operation.


② When cutting bevels or bevels and the head of the stone machine needs to be tilted, the head should be raised to the uppermost part along the up and down rotation fan, and then the bolts on the top of the head tilt should be loosened. To prevent the machine head from tilting down suddenly during operation, hold the machine head by hand when loosening the bolts.


③ Before turning on the stone machine, be sure to check whether the bolts and nuts of each part of the stone machine are loose, check the power supply and wiring for leakage, and check whether the saw blade is placed in the direction of the shield arrow. Keep the direction the same, you can turn it on after checking.


④ Remember to check and maintain the stone machine regularly during use. The traveling wheel shaft, main bearing parts and bearing parts of the manual feeding device under the workbench should be checked regularly to clean up the dirt and add some butter. If noise or abnormal vibration occurs during the work of the stone machine, stop the stone machine in time to check and eliminate the abnormality before turning it on again.

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