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Hydraulic Concrete Portable Diamond Wire Saw for Granite And Marble

Diamond Wire Saw

Diamond wire saw


Wanlong Diamond Wire Feature:

1.Every Wire specially desiged as per Client requirements.

2.Powerfull team works makes sure you Satisfacotry cutting performance:

3.High effiency, Long Life, Stable performance.

To help you get a general idea of classification of our cutters, we would tell our main series and related target performance:

vGranite Diamond Wire Performance:

Application Assembly Stone hardness Feeding speed Output Lifespan
Granite quarry Dia11.5mm Sinter+Rubber Soft Granite 25-30m/s 4-6m2/h 15-25m2/m
Medium hard 22-26m/s 2-5m2/h 8-15m2/m
Hard Granite 18-23m/s 1-2.5m2/h 4-9m2/m
Granite Block dressing Dia11.0mm Sinter+Plastic Soft Granite 25-28m/s 60-100cm/h 15-25m2/m
Medium hard 22-25m/s 40-60cm/h 10-17m2/m
Hard Granite 20-23m/s 25-45cm/h 8-12m2/m
Granite profiling wire    Dia8.8mm
Soft Granite 25-29m/s 6-10m3/h 17-22m3/m
Plastic Medium hard 22-25m/s 4-6m3/h 12-17m3/m

Hard Granite 20-23m/s 2.5-4.5m3/h 10-14m3/m


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Diamond tools: Wanlong's mission is to make no stone hard to cut in the world, to help customer save production costs. More than 25 years in the line of diamond tools industry, Wanlong’s technological innovation improves the cutting efficiency, and save the cost for end-users.

Stone Industry: Wanlong developed Aluminum Plastic Laminated Panel, Honeycomb Laminated Panel, Ceramic Thin Marble Panel, Fiberglass Thin Granite Panel, Fire Proof Thin Granite Panel and other new stone products. Not only save stone (3-5mm super thin stone, the original 1-3cm reduced to 3-5mm), but also let stone products have properties (impact resistance, high-temperature resistant, fire resistant, light weight, large single size 140x280cm ), expanding the application of the stone (high-rise building interior wall decoration, airplane and yacht interiors).

Machinery: Wanlong Mechanical's mission is to provide customers with advanced technology solutions for efficient tools production. More than 25 years’ practical experience in stone machinery industry contributes to rich experience and Technological advantage of diamond tools. Wanlong machinery will fit the needs of customers with more sophisticated services to fulfill the mission.