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How to choose a good quality stone machine?

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How to choose a good quality stone machine?

Choosing the best stone machine is a very challenging and very personal decision. You first need to evaluate the various qualities of different stone machines, and then determine which factors are most important to your stone machine experience.


Here is the content list:

l Choose a high-quality stone machine according to its characteristics.

l Choose a high-quality stone machine according to the machine type.

l What should be paid attention to when choosing a high-quality stone machine?


Choose a high-quality stone machine according to its characteristics.

Before looking at the stone machine, let us define each of the following qualities: repeatability, reliability, speed, accuracy, cost and availability.


l Repeatability

This means that every time you use the stone machine, the same action will have the same effect. You don't have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to use a stone machine to cut out a round brilliant. Repeatability also means that there is some kind of reference point to help you guide the cut.


l reliability

This means that if you buy a new stone machine, you can still use a stone machine after 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, or even 20 years or more. If you take care of most facet machines, their service life is very long. Reliability also includes the accuracy of the stone machine and its accompanying accessories throughout its life.


l speed

This means how fast you can cut a stone. When comparing facet machines, we will see that the biggest challenge is the trade-off between speed and accuracy.


l accuracy

This means that the stone machine can very well help you cut the perfect stone. We use a faceting machine because it is difficult to form a straight face on the rock while holding the rock.


l cost

In addition to speed and accuracy, cost may be one of your main deciding factors. The cost tells us how much to pay for a new stone machine, including shipping, import taxes and accessories.


l Availability

Some of the best stone machines of all time are no longer in production and therefore cannot be purchased. This will be a factor in your decision, because second-hand buying is a completely different game from buying a new game, but the risks are different.


Choose a high-quality stone machine according to the machine type.

Summarizing 500 years of gems using stone machine cutting technology, let us divide modern stone machine incarnations into three categories: mast machines, jam machines and handheld machines.


① Mast machine

This type of stone machine comes from countries where the competitive culture has grown fiercely, namely the United States, Australia and Russia. These stone machines are by far the most accurate type of stone cutting and are usually the most expensive. Unfortunately, speed severely compromises the accuracy of these machines. Compared with other machines, the mast stone machine is slower and has a lower tolerance. They are fairly easy to learn and very suitable for amateurs. However, they are completely unsuitable for production/speed cutting.


② Jam nail machine

They are the most traditional type of stone machine, although not all staples are the same. Because they are the fastest, these machines are best for production, but at the expense of accuracy. Although depending on the technology, the stapler may be very accurate, but their versatility is usually low and it takes a long time to master.


③ Nose machine

In my opinion, the hand-held stone machine makes a perfect compromise between the mast machine and the jam nails. Compared with the best stapler, the hand-held stone machine will be more accurate, repeatable and more precise. Compared with the mast stone machine, the hand-held machine can always be operated faster and more flexibly because you can easily move the hand-held machine to obtain the best view of the stone when cutting. Similarly, from a production point of view, it is easy to take the stone out and put it back in the handpiece, or hand over the handpiece from the stone machine to the polishing factory.


What should be paid attention to when choosing a high-quality stone machine?

The real question is not which stone machine is the best, but what is the best stone machine you need. I think most people who ask this question are just thinking about the mast-type stone machine.


l 1. Consider what type of finished product you need.

With the continuous development of technology, there are a variety of stone machines to choose from. First, determine what kind of finished product you want: block cutting, tile cutting, trimming cutting, profiling or stone machine with CNC function?


l 2. Choose a large company with good reputation.

When choosing stone machine, it is recommended that you choose a large company with a good reputation, because the large company has a strong technical team, strict quality control and timely after-sales service.


l 3. Machine material

It is best to choose aluminum alloy or stainless steel for the shell of stone machine, which is not easy to corrode and rust. Compared with the power cord, choose a wire that is not easy to break (breaking can cause electric shock!). The high-quality power cord will be covered by PU or rubber or sturdy plastic and can withstand minus 40 degrees Celsius without breaking.


l 4. Operational stability

When the operator of the stone machine operates the machine, it should be stable, without jumping, with little resistance and easy operation.


l 5.Stone machine motor performance

What is a good motor for stone machine

? There is no difference in the appearance and size of the motor. Many people think that a motor is a good-looking motor. This is a wrong understanding.


l 6. Performance of stone machine gearbox

Noise (no abnormal noise, no noise), stable noise. Small noise is not necessarily good, but big noise is definitely not a good product. We must choose a manufacturer with reliable technology.


l 7. After-sales service

① Do you provide international installation services?

② Is the manufacturer's repair service response fast enough?

③ Do you provide accessories in time?

④ Warranty?


These are all factors to be considered when choosing a stone machine. Bandung Group provides one-time services for the stone factory. Contact us immediately to get help and advice on how to find the right stone machine for your respected company!

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