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How does stone cutting machine work?

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How does stone cutting machine work?

When you are decorating or doing some facilities on the road, you need to use the stone cutting machine. How to use the stone cutting machine? Let me tell you about the working principles and advantages of the stone cutting machine of wanlong diamond tools co.,ltd. What is it, and what are the correct ways to use this stone cutting machine, you can come to our article to learn about this stone cutting machine.


Here is the content list:

What is the working principle of a stone cutting machine?

What is the use method of stone cutting machine?

What are the precautions for the stone cutting machine?


What is the working principle of a stone cutting machine?

l 1. The stone cutting machine is a processing method that uses the heat of a high-temperature plasma arc to locally melt (and evaporate) the metal at the incision of the workpiece, and use the momentum of the high-speed plasma to remove the molten metal to form the incision.


l 2. The stone cutting machine with different working gases can cut all kinds of metals that are difficult to cut by oxygen, especially for non-ferrous metals. The stone cutting machine has a better cutting effect; its main advantage is that the plasma cutting speed is when cutting metals with a small thickness. fast.


l 3. The stone cutting machine has developed to the present, the available working gas (working gas is the conductive medium of the plasma arc, it is also the heat-carrying body, and at the same time the molten metal in the incision) is the cutting characteristics and cutting quality of the plasma arc. Speed has a significant impact.


What is the use method of stone cutting machine?

① Install the dust cover before installing the saw blade on the stone cutting machine. First loosen the small screw of the lock block and install the dust cover on the gear box. Adjust the dust cover to a suitable angle for operation, and then tighten the screws.


② After installing the stone cutting machine saw blade, insert the metal connector of the vacuum cleaner hose into the vacuum cleaner installation port, and tighten it with a screwdriver.


③ Lean the dust cover on the stone to be sawed, and calibrate the line and the position of the saw blade. Stone cutting machine cutting can be performed without opening. The usage method is shown in Figure 15-4.


④ Diamond saw blades cannot be used to cut metal materials, otherwise it will cause overheating, shorten the service life, and cause the diamond saw blade to break.


⑤ When the stone cutting machine saw blade is running, do not bring your hand or body close to it, or touch it, so as to avoid the danger of being scratched or involved. When the saw blade is running, do not use metal rods or other auxiliary objects to brake. The switch must be operated to stop it.


⑥ The stone cutting machine is not allowed to remove the protective cover for sawing. The material being sawed, especially when sawing small pieces of material, the material must be clamped before it can be sawed, so as to avoid accidents caused by flying out of the material during sawing. .


⑦ The water source of the watering device can use tap water and a sink, and the sink must be placed 80cm or more than the working surface.


⑧ Do not apply side pressure during the stone cutting machine sawing stone, do not perform curved cutting, use uniform force, and feed smoothly to avoid overload.


⑨ The stone cutting machine saws cement, porcelain, stone, etc. The depth of one sawing is less than 5mm. If sawing more than 5mm, it should be divided into 2 to 3 times. One sawing will damage the diamond blade , Burn the motor.


What are the precautions for the stone cutting machine?

l The operator must have knowledge of general stone cutting machine and electrical appliances, and remember to wear insulating gloves during operation.


l When the head of the stone cutting machine needs to be tilted when cutting the bevel or bevel of the stone cutting machine, the head of the stone cutting machine should be raised to the uppermost part along the up and down rotating fan, and then the bolts on the top of the head should be loosened. In order to prevent the head of the stone cutting machine from tilting down suddenly during operation, hold the head of the machine with your hand when loosening the bolts.


l Before starting the stone cutting machine, be sure to check whether the bolts and nuts of each part are loose, check the power supply and wiring for leakage, and check whether the direction of the saw blade is aligned with the arrow of the protective cover Keep the direction the same. After checking the stone cutting machine, it can be turned on and used.


In summary, I have learned about some correct use methods of stone cutting machine, what are the precautions for using stone cutting machine and the working method of stone cutting machine, please continue to pay attention to our wanlong diamond tools co.,ltd


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