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Granite Stone Machinery Bridge Marble Cutting Machine Price in China

Bridge Cutting Machine
  • QZQ-900/1200

Make cutting easier!

Heavy duty structure, High precision laser, programmable system

QZQ-900/1200 Bridge Cutting Machine:

The headstock of machine moves flexibly in three directions, up & down, left & right, forward & backward (in axis X,Y,Z) It is wide-span structure, equipped with 0-360 degree rotary table. The vertical stroke of machine makes speed adjustment easier. 

It is an ideal machine for processing small block, especially for tombstone or monument.



1. SIEMENS main motor with stronger seats.

2. PANASONIC PLC and inverter.

3. Encoder for X, Y, Z movement.

4. Strong cast iron HT200.

5. Touch sensitive Panel Easy for worker to operate.

6. 80-90sqm/ 10hrs for medium hard granite with 140-150mm thicknes.

Bridge Marble Cutting Machine china bridge stone machinery in Stone Factory 

QZQ-900/1200 controlled by computer. Small footprint, easy installation, suitable for mass production of stone processing machinery and equipment. The cutting head can be inclined at 90 degrees, and the working surface can be erected at 85 degrees. Precise manufacturing and assembly, special side beam protection device and touch operating system make this machine high precision, good stability, high efficiency and convenient operation. So come on. It is very suitable for slabs such as granite and marble with high value and large size. Especially suitable for the processing of high-value and large-size granite and marble. It adopts PLC system and man-machine interface, combined with high-precision magnetic ruler and infrared device, adopts frequency converter to control left and right feeding, and adjust the speed according to the different stone. The hydraulic lifting system is adopted, and the main parts and components are made of imported high-quality materials, such as Schneider, Omron, etc. The whole machine has high cutting efficiency, high slicing accuracy, flat plates after cutting, high stability, and convenient operation.

Technical Parameters

1. Bridge Cutting machine





Max. diameter of blade





Main motor power




Blade vertical stroke




Table dimensions(L×W)




Table rotating degree




Max. cutting size (L×W×H)




Overall dimensions(L×W×H)




Water consumption




Approximate weight




Technical Support:

1Provide technical support by phone, email or WhatsApp on working days.

2 Friendly English manual and operation video

three. Engineers who can repair machinery overseas



PART OF WANLONG Stone Machinery Customers(Workshop)

Bridge Marble Cutting Machine china bridge stone machinery Wanlong Stone Machinery

In the stone production process, there are many factors that affect the processing quality, among which the condition of the machinery and equipment, the performance of the saw blade, the material of the block, the processing technology and the level of management are closely related. The following describes the related issues of circular saw machinery and equipment.

(1) The lifting stroke is limited. The slide rail is lifted and lowered in the sliding seat. The lifting stroke of the slide rail is generally within 800mm due to the height restriction. The segmentation trolley on the trolley has a small stroke, so only blocks with low height and narrow width can be used.

(2) The cantilever restricts the sawing head to be fixed on the sliding rail. The sliding rail moves up and down in the sliding seat, and the sliding seat horizontally extends cantilever is fixed on the concrete column. When the sawing head lowers the saw, the more it falls, the slide The longer the rail cantilever is, which together with the saw blade hanging from the end of the cutter shaft forms three cantilever structures under force. The force of the cantilever changes with the number of saw blades installed, the number of saw blades increases, the overhanging weight increases, and the length of the cantilever increases, and the deformation of the cantilever force member, especially the deformation of the cutter shaft, will also increase. As a result, the swing amplitude of the saw blade at the outer end of the blade shaft is increased compared with the inner saw blade due to the deformation of the blade. This is also the reason why the outer saw blade is more easily damaged when the single-pillar saw is used as a multi-blade combination saw.

(3) Load-bearing limit The resistance of the block to the saw blade during sawing can be decomposed into the upward pushing force and horizontal thrust of the head of the cutter shaft. Under the action of this force, an upward jacking moment and horizontal torque are formed on the sawing head and the slide rail. These two moments are finally transmitted to the sliding seat and borne by the sliding seat. The sliding seat of the single-column saw is generally made higher, and the distance of the force fulcrum of the upward thrust moment is relatively large, so the ability to withstand the upward torque is also large. The width of the slide rail is relatively narrow, so the ability to withstand horizontal torsion is poor. With the reciprocating movement of the blocks on the trolley, the direction of this torsion is constantly changing. In addition, because the lifting movement requires a gap between the sliding rail and the sliding seat, the tool shaft is bound to swing back and forth under the action of torsion moment.


Customer Oriented,Honest and Highly Responsible Team  

Bridge Marble Cutting Machine china bridge stone machinery Exhibition 


1. South Asia:India, Pakistan, Bengal, Sri lanka, etc

2. South East Asia:Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand

3. Mid East:Iran, Saudi Arab, UAE, Syria, Lebanon, Israel etc

4. Africa:Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa

5. America:USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, etc

6. Oceania:Australia, New zealand

7. Europe:Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech, Yugoslavia,Latvia,Lithuania,Sweden, Finland, Danmark, Spain, Greece, Turkey



Bridge Marble Cutting Machine china bridge stone machinery Certification

From the perspective of development trend, the CNC flame cutting machine in the CNC cutting machine market will maintain its basic market, the water jet cutting market will increase to a certain extent, and the CNC plasma cutting machine and CNC laser cutting machine will become the mainstream in the plate cutting market Power, special profile CNC cutting equipment, contact and non-contact non-metal special CNC cutting equipment will also have greater room for development, and the entire CNC cutting machine market will continue to expand. Improve the production efficiency and cutting quality of the CNC cutting machine, reduce the cost of production and use, improve the automation level and system stability of the whole machine, and improve the system functions have become the direction of its technological development.

Company Introduction

Manufacture and use of tools make human beings have the chances to get more natural resources and create a brilliant civilization.Wanlong has dedicated to stone cutting and stone application since 1993.Today, a daily average of 100,000 pieces of Wanlong diamond tools are exported around the world. Insisting on technological innovation, we continue to create more efficient and more cost-effective diamond tools. We have developed laminated stone panel.

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