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Do you know how to use diamond segment?

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Do you know how to use diamond segment?

Diamond segment is an indispensable part of various tools (such as blades and grinders). Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you want to use high-quality products. Next, we will reveal more information about the diamond segment. Check out Fujian Wanlong's detailed solutions to learn more about these diamond segments, and you will also discover where you can order high-quality tools at an affordable price!


Here is the content list:

What is diamond segment and where is it used?

What are the forms of using diamond segments on different tools?

How to use diamond segment better?


What is diamond segment and where is it used?

Have you ever used diamond tools? If the answer is yes, you may have checked its structure. Diamond segments are an important part of these tools, and the unique feature of these diamond units is that they are metal bonded. In addition, diamond segments play an important role in grinding, because they can expose new diamonds. For table saw blades and other tools containing diamond components, the sharpening process is different. The diamond segment has a main layer designed for grinding or cutting, and many manufacturers have added another layer, especially for laser welding tools.


What are the forms of using diamond segments on different tools?

If you are using a diamond saw blade, the only segment made of diamond may be the teeth of the device. The exact shape will affect the smoothness of the cut and the possible cutting speed. Depending on the tool used, the diamond segment has many forms. This is why the main consideration is the material that the operator will cut or grind. If they plan to process on hard materials, a diamond segment with a small size and an appropriate concentration is sufficient. However, for soft materials, larger concentrations of large diamonds are required. In both cases, the hardness of the diamond segment needs to meet expectations.


How to use diamond segment better?

Use a more appropriate diamond segment:

When people choose a diamond segment, they usually buy the segment they own instead of customizing the segment according to their own conditions. This is a big misunderstanding. The life and efficiency of the common segment are relatively balanced, which will lead to the processing process. However, factories focusing on efficiency cannot obtain higher processing efficiency, while factories focusing on component life cannot obtain components with longer service life, which will increase production costs. Therefore, personalized customization is suitable for the diamond segment market of various manufacturers, which is an important problem that the stone factory needs to face.


Use the same specifications and the same brand diamond segment:

Although the segment shapes of each diamond segment manufacturer are similar, many people still like to use them together. This will lead to different degrees of wear of the segments, leading to eccentric wear of the segments. If the selected diamond segment is a high-life and low-efficiency segment, some segments will use "high efficiency", while the short-life segment is easy to continuously adjust parameters during processing. Otherwise, the saw blade and machinery will be damaged. Therefore, in the process of using the diamond segment, please try to ensure that the quality of the diamond segment is consistent.


Use the diamond segment market with better cost performance:

It is not that the expensive diamond segment market is a good market segment, nor is the low-priced diamond segment market a bad market segment. The diamond segment market focuses on cost performance. At present, most stone factories calculate how many meters or square meters can be cut with a set of saw blades. Calculate the life of a group of diamond segments, but the efficiency is often ignored, so the calculation will be more scientific and can better reflect the cost performance of the department.


Use more reasonable processing machinery

Currently, if there is a stable cutting speed and a stable feed rate during diamond segment cutting, the life of the diamond segment will be longer, but if the cutting speed is continuously variable, it will only shorten the processing life of the segment. Therefore, although choosing a more stable automatic cutting machine has a large short-term investment, in the long run, this is a way to improve efficiency and reduce processing costs.


Use coolant

Currently, only some stone processing manufacturers use coolant. Although it seems to increase the cost, in practical applications, the coolant will quickly cool the fan tube, so that the fan tube can work at a lower temperature, which is actually a camouflage. Increase the stability of the network segment, but also increase the service life of the network segment. The main reason is that the heating of the diamond segment under long-term high-speed work will make the matrix and diamond powder unstable, and even diamond carbonization will occur, resulting in a decrease in the quality of the diamond segment.


Train highly qualified operators

If a skilled operator uses the same group of sub-diamond segments, the performance of the diamond segment can be improved by more than 30%. Through the segmented cutting business in the cutting process and the flatness of the blade cutting, you can find the problems in the processing. The diamond segment has been operating normally for a long time, and it can also ensure production safety and production efficiency.


Choose higher-power high-frequency welding equipment

Choosing a better solder to solder the diamond segment is also a very important part of the segmentation process. In the process of using the diamond segment, you need to always pay attention to the situation of the diamond segment, and you also need to choose a good diamond segment, that is, the Wanlong's diamond segment, the product quality is more stable, and the service life is also in the forefront of the industry.


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