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Diamond Saw Blades for Stone Saw Blade Diamond Cutting Tool

Dry cutting blade


Diamond Saw Blade for Concrete 14 Inch Diamond Saw Blade CONSTRUCTION SAW BLADE

The so-called rolling sawing in the rolling sawing process is to determine the first sawing position through certain calculations according to the geometric size of the block, and to improve the rate of the block out of the board. There are many factors, such as equipment factors and the level of personnel sawing. The main approach lies in the cutting process of blocks, and the discovery of new sawing processes can greatly increase the rate of block output, reduce direct production costs, and make products more competitive in the market. The current situation of mining block mining The current level of mining in my country is low, most of the blocks are small in size and poor in shape. The forming size of blocks cannot be mined according to the required specifications of the production process, but the production process is adjusted according to the size of the blocks; you must know that the shape of the blocks is irregular and the geometric dimensions are different, which cannot meet the design modulus of the decoration engineering, which will inevitably cause Low board rate, high production cost and waste of precious resources.

Technical Parameters

Diamond wire saw


Segment Dimension





16、20 22.23 25.4、50




16、20 22.23 25.4、50




16、20 22.23 25.4、50




16、20 22.23 25.4、50




16、20 22.23 25.4、50




16、20 22.23 25.4、50




16、20 22.23 25.4、50




16、20 22.23 25.4、50




16、20 22.23 25.4、50




16、20 22.23 25.4、50


How to provide high-quality stone for construction projects? You can start from the following six aspects, from the initial selection of materials to the final packaging treatment, which can not be ignored.

One, selection of blocks

Before the stone samples are sealed, fully communicate with the designer according to the stone consumption of the project and the requirements of the renderings, and submit corresponding samples that meet the requirements. After sealing the samples, according to the final requirements of the customer, select the unified pit of the mine that meets the requirements to select the blocks for production. All the blocks are numbered and stored in the mine.

Second, block cutting

After the blocks arrive at the factory, there will be a block inspector to make a preliminary assessment of the blocks present, and put them into the warehouse according to the pattern and stone classification number, and give cutting suggestions according to the block specifications to maximize the utilization rate.

        Three, sheet cutting

The color and quality control of the bridge cutting workshop is mainly reflected in the process of processing. Before the processing of the specification cutting, an overall inspection of the stone to be cut will be done, and the parts with cracks and stone gallbladders will be reasonably avoided and maximized Yield rate;

Four, protective treatment

The protective treatment adopts imported Sikang protective agent, which is divided into oily and water-based; generally, it is repeated brushing more than 3-5 times on 6 sides.

5. Typesetting inspection

All materials and plates will be "rehearsed once" in the factory before installation. Under natural light, ensure uniform and natural color;

Six, numbered packaging

After the protective treatment and the qualified products after the layout inspection, the packaging personnel will number each qualified product according to the installation direction according to the layout effect, and will attach more than two layout diagrams to the outer packing box.


Product display

Diamond Saw Blade for Concrete 14 Inch Diamond Saw Blade Product displayDiamond Saw Blade for Concrete 14 Inch Diamond Saw Blade Product displayDiamond Saw Blade for Concrete 14 Inch Diamond Saw Blade Product displayDiamond Saw Blade for Concrete 14 Inch Diamond Saw Blade Product display




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A view on the purchase of stone: Observe the surface structure of the stone with the naked eye. Generally speaking, stone with uniform fine material structure has a fine texture, which is a good product of stone; stone with coarse grain and unequal grain structure has poor appearance effect, uneven mechanical properties, and slightly worse quality. In addition, natural stone often has some fine veins and micro-cracks due to the influence of geology. The stone is most likely to break along these parts and should be removed. As for the lack of edges and corners, it will affect the appearance, so you should pay special attention when choosing.

Second quantity: measure the size of the stone, so as not to affect the splicing, or cause the pattern, pattern, and line deformation after splicing, and affect the decorative effect.

Three listens: listen to the percussive sound of the stone. Generally speaking, a stone with good quality, dense and uniform inside and no micro-cracks will have a crisp and pleasant knocking sound; on the contrary, if there are micro-cracks or fine veins inside the stone or the contact between particles becomes loose due to weathering, the knock The hit is rough.



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