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Development of processing equipment to processing center

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Development of processing equipment to processing center

The stone machining center can complete cutting, forming, drilling, grinding, polishing, lettering, boring, engraving, and turning.

Numerical control processing equipment can be divided into numerical control milling machine, numerical control lathe, numerical control engraving machine and numerical control processing center according to its processing purpose.

CNC milling machines are used to process all kinds of tombstones, stone furniture, lettering, carving, profile processing, etc. The CNC milling machine has a precise transmission mechanism and a wide range of processing speeds, usually with 3-axis and 4-axis linkage, so it can carry out the most complex three-dimensional engraving. All numerical control equipment can perform kitchenware groove processing, countertop carving, tombstone, arch structure, curve contour, mantel and so on.

The numerical control equipment software system can store and rebuild the processing instructions. The CNC machining center is also equipped with a quick tool change and tool wear control system. All functions of CNC equipment, from simple cutting to engraving, are automatically controlled. Some numerical control processing equipment has a larger processing size range and can process large-scale stone materials.

The CNC milling machine is equipped with a cutting saw blade power head to increase the processing capacity, and the saw blade diameter is also relatively large, which can process complex surfaces. Numerical control equipment is driven by brushless motors, and all motion systems use reliable linear guides or rolling screws. Its control program has been developed from 3-axis to 12-axis. The software has also developed from two-dimensional design to three-dimensional design.

In addition, the numerical control equipment also has a laser scanning probe, and the software can transform the two-dimensional scanned image into a three-dimensional entity.

Advantages of CNC machine tools

(l) Strong adaptability to the modification of processing objects. It provides great convenience for single piece, small batch stone processing and trial production of new products.

(2) High processing accuracy. The automatic processing method of the CNC machine tool avoids the human operation error of the producer. The size consistency of the same batch of stone is good, the product qualification rate is high, and the processing quality is stable.

(3) High processing productivity. CNC machine tools usually do not require special fixtures. Therefore, the design and manufacturing time of jigs and fixtures can be saved, and the productivity can be increased by 2-3 times compared with ordinary machine tools.

(4) Reduce the labor intensity of the operators. The operator does not need to perform heavy and repetitive manual operations, and the labor intensity is greatly reduced.

(5) Ability to process complex profiles. CNC machine tools can process complex surface parts that are difficult to process by ordinary machine tools.

(6) Conducive to the modernization of production management. Using CNC machine tools to process stone can accurately estimate the processing man-hours of the stone, help to accurately compile the production schedule, and facilitate the modernization of production management.

(7) It can be developed to a more advanced manufacturing system. CNC machine tools are the initial stage of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and the foundation of the development of CAM.

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