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Common problems in granite disc abrasive processing

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Common problems in granite disc abrasive processing

The main problems that are prone to processing plates

(1) Insufficient luminosity: mainly related to resin 800 and 1500 and polishing.

The luminosity can be improved by reducing the boot speed.

If the stone surface is not hot after polishing and there is no obvious "water mist" phenomenon, then the lack of brightness is mainly the problem of polishing. The water volume is required to be small and continuous dripping.

(2) There are scratches on the board surface: mainly related to the iron plate, which is not sharp enough. It may also be related to the unevenness of the cutting board. You can add a set of iron discs welded by scrap cutter heads for rough grinding or use a special rough cutter head for processing (36#).

(3) The board surface is not clear: mainly related to polishing and No. 1500, but other particle sizes also affect it.

(4) There are shadows on the board surface: the main reason is that the abrasive is not sharp, which causes the surface of the board to appear intermittently with dull streaks.

(5) Burning board: mainly affected by resin and polishing. If it is caused by resin burning, it can mainly be solved by reducing the pressure of the resin. If it is caused by polishing, you can appropriately reduce the pressure of the polishing disc or increase the water volume of the polishing head.

         Generally speaking, scratches with insufficient sharpness are similar to resin or polished burnt. But there are also differences. The scratches are generally finer, deeper, and more continuous. The traces of the burnt board are generally shallow and thick, showing a semicircular shape and discontinuous.

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